Wednesday, March 08, 2017

That Feeling

When your eyes meet across a crowded room and the second you lock eyes the smiles are already exchanged before facial muscles can even move. The feeling of a warm, snug hug that is simultaneously full of care and yet so nonchalant because it is ready to give more. Or when you're sending messages to each other on the way to meet each other and you turn the corner to see him smiling at his phone while reading your last text and already responding. When he's drunk and spends the night talking to you while you're halfway drunk on the way to fully on what he's telling you because all he can talk about is you.  When you meet again after what feels like ages though is only days or even hours and you both start talking at superspeed to share and catch up with what the other has to say. When he asks you for songs even though he can't understand a word of the language and you start to fall in love with the songs you thought you wouldn't listen to again. When

Friday, March 03, 2017


"I should have known better to trust a man who wears ..."

"Should have known better than to trust a man, period," I interjected.

I was on the treadmill, waiting for my Friday night date to text me back on where we were going for dinner and was listening to my other friend tell me the saga of her recently failed relationship.

"I don't know," she sighed. "I should just give up." She hit the stop button on the treadmill.

"Turn that back on! You were on it for 20 seconds," I reached over and turned her machine back on.

"I'm tired!" She moaned, and reluctantly picked up her pace.

My phone beeped. "Anywhere."  I rolled my eyes. I was just surrounded by people with strong decision-making skills.

I turned up the speed and ran for dear life.

"Oh fuck. It's him again!" I opened my eyes and peeked over as her voice overlapped my workout music.

"What, who?" I looked around the gym wondering what her problem was.

"HIM!" She gestured at the window in front of us.

There was a dude smoking in front our window, the sunlight glinting off his sunglasses.

"He's checking me out again! Remember I told you there was this dude who's stalking me whenever I'm at the gym?"

I looked at the dude. I looked at her.

"He's checking out his own reflection. Not you."

She opened her mouth. Closed it. Shook her head. Sighed.

Turned up the speed and ran for dear life.