Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Most of us chase after unrelenting angst simply because that perpetual dynamic of perpetual torment gives us reason to feel, reason to be.Our state of mind also follows Newton's Laws. It's not always the physicality that defines physics.  Often we refuse to let go simply because we fear and dread lapsing into a state of inertia wherein we cease to exist. Torment becomes our confidante and companion, validating our existence by its fuel of desire, and lack of fulfillment, & therefore purpose.

(In the style of Monsieur LaBeouf, this post has been plagiarized 
from myself)


  1. *Bows Down* :D

    You literally tweeted all this. :P

    And you forgot to mention about that chocolate cookie.
    Seriously, where is my cookie ? :P

    1. Your cookie is with "Sneha" until you find her :P and yup, I was in my random-thinking mood and was therefore tweeting as the thoughts cropped up, then I realized what I had just tweeted made a damn good post. So yeah, I plagiarized myself :B

    2. (Unfortunately for Mr. LaBeouf, he didn't do the same..)