Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Taste of Calembour

Earlier today, I stopped into a health and herbal shop which was touting itself as an Ayurvedic authority.

I stepped into the small store, inhaling the incense that was perfuming the premises. I was scanning the shallow shelves for what I was looking for, not exactly sure if this place which caught my eye on the way home would really have the product stocked. As I gazed as the packages labelled sloppily with 'pomagrainit powder', 'daibetis pills', and 'diegastiv tonic', a voice chimed behind me, greeting me.

I turned around slowly, to be met with a short and squat Indian man, grinning at me the way salesmen do. 

'Hello, madam! I am health expert of this shop. I can show you some tips for staying trim and fit, if you don't mind.' 

I glanced at his distended belly that seemed to be performing its own yoga posture as it tilted itself over his belt. 

'No, thank you,' I smiled politely. 'I just popped in for a quick browse, thanks.'

'OK but madam,' he persisted, 'you must definitely try this one. It's on special, I give you, 75% off! Only today for you, I make.' 

He proffered a metallic resealable bag towards me labelled 'Epson Salt'. 

'No, thanks,' I said, 'I am not fond of consuming printers.'

I left while he was scratching his head.