Monday, November 07, 2016

The Clasp of Cherishment

Sometimes one of the best sources of solace is simply letting go of all one's tension in the arms of a warm, strong, solid hug. It was something I had counted on through the last several years, even just psychologically if not physically.

These days I realize that I've become a bestower of hugs. It's not something I ever associated with myself; keeping my physicality aloof from those around me and reserved for a select few on special occasions and definitely for a special someone. But in the latest metamorphosis of the person I thought I was, I've become someone who gives hugs daily, to a number of people, often.

I've seen the way a hug lights up a lonely face with joy as I wrap my arms around a confused and lost soul. I've felt the unspoken compassion that's shared daily in a hug of habit, in mere hellos and goodbyes. The kindness that's elicited through a contact where warmth transfers and redistributes so that both parties share a moment of sameness.

There are so many times when every muscle and pore of me longs for a certain hug, but I've realized in finding myself that sometimes it's a profound kind of magic to simply give them.


  1. Aw, virtual hugs to you for being a bestower :)

    1. Thanks CC :) It's come to be a form of therapy, if not only to give.