Thursday, August 01, 2013

I for Inspiration

Dreams are not without meaning wherever they may come from
-from fantasy, from the elements, or from other inspiration. 

The ability of a being to exist is in its ability to survive. In the cognitive sense of the word, our survival is geared through our ability to harbour and create hope.

Inspiration is that which tells us to go on – motivation, encouragement, stimulation. Inspiration is that which is felt thoroughly with the heart though guided by the mind.

For me, life is all about continually finding something to be inspired by. Curiosity of the mind, the quest to learn more, to take a nugget of knowledge and be able to chew on it so that you benefit from its nutrients to the max. 

Inspiration is also used to describe the process of inhalation - as such, we do the same to our minds. That ability to take in from our surroundings and filter the good (as we do with oxygen from the air) and expel the bad, and use what we have filtered in for further use.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a quagmire of blah - lethargic, apathetic, purposeless. We wonder what's the purpose of it all? What are we doing? What's the point. That's when we often come to our wits end -- life really seems pretty futile without some sort of motivation, doesn't it?

Inspiration is often thought of as a happy thing. That bright-eyed wonder taking it all in, with blue skies and rainbows. Or, the beauties of a sunrise or sunset. But I have realized that through the lack of fulfillment, there too is profound inspiration. The void which magnifies even more the essence of what is missing, and in simply wanting, we live more.

Every single moment provides us that opportunity for inspiration. And furthermore, we possess that ability to inspire, in our own unique ways. Our experiences in every step along the way is something we can hand over and share with another, and our lessons learnt can be passed on, just as our failures can also teach.

Often we don't acknowledge the act of being inspired in our lives; more often than not, it is as common as taking the next breath, though if we paused a moment to reflect on why we are doing what we are, or how we are doing what we are, or where we are, and who we are, then we realize that inspiration is a vital ingredient in the very fuel of life. 


  1. i love being inspired especially by someone else (as opposed to something else) ... ive kinda figured out that i really dont function without having some person(s) to inspire me - doesnt have to be the same person in fact in most instances its not ... which kinda ties in neatly with me obsession about variety :D

    :O which as you will soon realize is the theme for musikellishus in august :P

  2. I officially acknowledge - Miss.IQ inspired me to cook :D