Saturday, September 21, 2013

Candles Lit

I pretty much spent all yesterday with two of my best friends from a few years ago. Before yesterday, we'd all been encumbered with the 'busy schedules of life', so we hardly really had time to hang out properly.

We hadn't made specific plans for what we were going to do, and consequently, quite a lot of the day went by aimlessly driving around. But there was something in just being together that made the whole day so eventful.

I was reminded of the person I used to be, and the people they used to be; and the contrast to how much has changed and yet, how much we were all the same despite the couple of years that went by so quickly was profound.

The theme of the day was pretty much "Remember when?" -- and laughter permeated our little world. At one time one of them asked me why I was so quiet, "you're always talking and laughing and full of life". I just slapped him lazily, because I was so stuffed with food and therefore lethargic. But it got me thinking, that these were people who were the type who liked looking good in public, and this included not embarrassing themselves, or acting hyper -- and when we three made a trio back in the day I was the one who had injected the laughter and jokes into our moments together, and yet looking at them today, that inclination to be hyper and unrestricted was in each of us. Seeing them like that made me feel happy.


  1. old friends
    sat on their park bench like bookends
    old friends
    memory brushes the same years
    silently sharing the same fears

    time it was and what a time it was
    it was a time of innocence
    a time of confidence
    long ago it must be
    i have a photograph
    preserve your memories
    thats all thats left of you :)

  2. I've been feeling like this so much nowadays, and the reason too is quite obvious too. Meeting people from high school, it's very different now, even with the people I used to be friends with.

    I was mostly close to two people in my last year at high school, but before that I was close to many other people also. Having changed so much as a person within one year though, and now going to University, meeting those people again, I feel like a different person altogether.

    Like you said though, seeing them still made me happy :) Just remembering all those memories is golden.

    1. I reminisce a lot in my econ lecture.. mostly that one because I took econ in grade 12, and I'm learning the same things I learn back then, and eventually that memory extends to the people in the class, the teachers, and high school in general.

      Now I shall shut up :) *curtsies*