Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Guest Post

Hear ye hear ye. *blows trumpet, unrolls scroll, knocks gavel*

I have written a "guest post" at the behest of my coblogger friend Ajay Kontham, and it has finally reached the stages of being posted!

I'd love for you all to head over to his blog where it is posted to read it, but before that I will also inform you that Ajay wrote a prelude to posting my actual piece (his own bit of saying Thanks, and also an explanation to his own readers) which you can (I recommend that you do) read here.

As for my actual piece of writing, you can read it here.

Thank ye kindly.


  1. WOOHOO! About to read it now! :) *party party*

    I love how you made a cover for it too!

  2. You are killing me here. :P

    First of all, the post itself was a big Surprise and now this!
    *Faints* *Dies* :P

    1. *passes a glass of water* breathe Ajay, breathe.

    2. Thank you. :D
      *Tries to breathe*

      *Breathes heavily*

      Still no luck. :P

    3. Hahaha, telling him to breathe after he has died. Smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaht.