Saturday, November 09, 2013

Out, Out, Brief Candle

I sort of meant to write this a very long time ago, actually each time this event happens, which is pretty much every weeknight, and that too beginning quite a few years ago...

As we know, I take the public transit. I love taking the public transit, for a variety of reasons, amongst one being that I couldn't fathom having to take control of a wheel and direct my attentions to the work of navigating the rush hour traffic every evening homeward bound. Rather, I relish the freedom of relinquishing responsibility to the operator of the bus, so that I could lose myself in my myriad thoughts, feelings, and daydreams..

Each evening when I get off my final bus, I have a 3 or 4-minute walk through the inner streetways of the neighbourhood to reach home...and often I thoroughly enjoy this walk (which explains why it may extend to 4 minutes).

There is one thing that occurs, however, that does seem strange. Each evening as I traverse the sidewalk, in a concave semi-circle bypassing the park, all alone in my own world with music and darkness all around, as I reach one certain spot, that one particular streetlight flickers out.

Now, I've passed it at various times, so it's not simply a matter that at a specific time at night it goes out. Also, the other streetlights along the street all remain alight. Also, there have been occasions where there have been persons walking ahead of me, for whom the light still remains oblivious, i.e. still lights. It is only when I approach, it decides to extinguish.

This is a phenomena that has occurred to me every evening I have passed it, and each time it happens, I remember that this is something I want to write about. And, this is also a phenomena that I have experienced many years ago, and also, with regards to certain other streetlights I have happened to stand under, or as a matter of fact, lights within a certain room flickering, and if it is worth throwing in, the lights within the trains and buses I have sat upon...


  1. *Takes two steps back and looks at IQ*

  2. its god telling you that you dont need an electrical light fixture to see the way .. you create your own light and glow :P

  3. For the first part, YES, you know i feel exactly the same about transit! It's become the favourite part of each day for me!

    Lol, and that light is quite freaky. I can't think of a logical explanation as to why it only goes out when you pass by it.

    ^I will just second what Nerdyy said :)

  4. You just have a very friendly and loving spirit following you.. all the time :) Lights tend to flicker and go off in the presence of em..... No worries..... you know you're never alone =]