Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coca-Cola Christmas Edition

I wonder if, one day, in a future world we cannot even yet imagine, an educated intellectual bunch, maybe future scientists of this world or even another world, will uncover our communications and deduce that we more or less worshipped a special man who bestowed upon those who were good that which was dearly wanted, and to those whosoever were bad, lumps of coal, and from inferring this produce copious amounts of studious compilations in enlightening the people of their world and time and perhaps declaring the belief in Santa Clause as a religion.

I wonder.


  1. Now I wonder too.

    But if they could uncover our communications, they should get to Wikipedia or something else holding information, which should lead them to the answer. Plus by getting there, they'd figure out Santa is linked to Christianity.

  2. I wondered that too, but Santa Clause wasn't what I thought about.

    But, now that you have mentioned, it might as well be that. But the people in the future will be interested in our generation? I seriously doubt that. And our communications you say, more than half of it is totally useless, I think.