Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Professed Love

'NO!' Wanda seethed, 'No no no no no! Why won't they stop?'

She pushed her phone away from her in frustration, and glared stonily ahead. The professor at the front of the class at that moment turned, and his eyes met Wanda's stony glare and he stopped, startled.

Wanda dropped her eyes shamefacedly and picked up her pen, making some haphazard scribbles. Great, just great, even the professor is staring at me, just what I need. 

With the class resumed and the attention of the professor restored on his power point presentation, Wanda reached out and slid her phone back toward her. She sighed gustily, and scrolled back to the conversation she had silently screamed at.

Great, now IQ was tweeting about mini-professor-babies that Wanda would have with the Professor. Yuck! Ew! Ugh! Her professor - professors, all of them were old, married men! What was wrong with IQ and Ajay, they just would not stop with this whole teasing thing. How did this even start? It was beyond frustrating! It wasn't even funny.

Wanda was having a sad-smiley-face moment. She just wished she had a bubble above her with a huge ":(" so everyone could see that she was not amused. Especially IQ.

Class having ended, Wanda was now in the library. She knew if she tweeted about how the professor had stopped in mid-sentence meeting Wanda's eyes, IQ would have a huge field day about it, and would never stop teasing her about it, and Ajay would just join right in and keep the whole teasing malarkey going. Sad face moment. Sad face moment, most definitely.

Pulling up her secret-blog, Wanda sat down with a furrowed brow and started tapping away.

Dear secret blog,

I don't know what is happening! Somehow IQ started this story about a love story between me and my professor! That's just disgusting! And what is worse, she just won't stop.  I don't know how to deal with this because it's IQ!!! I mean, IQ (grr her name is already in caps I can't even yell (capslocks) to emphasize her name grr grr.)

This really bugs me because it's like she is human! HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? She is supposed to be PERFECT! How can I be like her if she's being..... annoying? And that is just the whole problem, IQ IS ANNOYING. I never thought I could admit it, but I did. And I feel like I committed blasphemy because I said it. Yes, I realize this is my 'secret-blog' so she won't see it, or well, noone will see it (I HOPE), but still. I see it, and now I will be HAUNTED by remembering I said it. Now it is undoable. OH NO WHAT DID I DO!!

P.S. If anyone hacks this blog and reads this please do me a favour and ignore this post, and whatever you do not copy or distribute it, thank you.

Wanda hit Publish, and sat back, letting out a huge sigh. She looked up and spotted someone looking at her. What the heck is everyone's problem today? Is there something wrong with my face? 

She picked up her phone and went to Twitter: 'Weird guy staring at me in library o.O Wonder what is wrong with my face.'

Almost immediately she received a reply. IQ: Ooh Professor staring at you in the library! *wink wink*
And just as quickly another. Ajay: Haha lol. I agree! 

Wanda slapped her forehead. She stabbed Reply and typed 'Ajay you always agree with everything IQ says! Don't you have a brain of your ow'  No no no, she hit backspace backspace backspace backspace until she deleted it all. That was mean. And uncalled for. Okay, maybe not uncalled for, but definitely mean. 

'The guy,' She typed instead, 'happens to be a kid! So, kindly stop with the Professor thing, I do not appreciate it.'

She rolled her eyes and then caught the same guy, tables away, still looking at her, somewhat bemusedly. Um, okay then. Weirdo.  

To be 


  1. I am loving it. :D

    You have no idea, I have been smiling (from ear to ear, wait, it just got stuck on my face and my roommates are looking weirdly at me) .

    Wanda, o' wanda ? Where are you? Are you seeing this, the true story unraveling itself. :P

  2. LOLL .. and I am falling off my chair laughing :D

  3. LOL! You have know idea how big my smile was while I read this! Oh how I love thee!

    (You really have know idea what actually happened after that lecture - but I shall post very soon about it)

    *Runs away prancing in excitement for next part*