Monday, January 05, 2015


We started with something small. Almost imperceptible. Maybe it derived from an iota of curiosity: something different, something to explore. Something therefore, interesting. And it hooked our interest and we found it to be something pleasing and to our liking. Soon it became a habit.

We formed new perceptions, we learnt to adapt and how to facilitate better and easier solutions by our actions in conjuction with our situation. It stopped being a new thing, it was something we were very used to now, and something we had made our very own. The something small it started from became a bigger thing. Each time we achieved new goals, lost some, but gained a lot more, and our realm expanded. And expanded.

Soon things became more complex. More complicated. And as such, more difficult. Goals became bigger, and therefore more difficult. Time became a commodity that we had only started this way to pass, however was now never enough. Issues became prolonged, when they used to be resolved in minutes, or even hours, and now it took to staying open for resolution even after we lay our heads down and woke up still trying to solve it.

Sometimes we found ourselves wishing it was as simple the way it used to be, before things got bigger and things became so much more. We had gained so much ground, so much more had been discovered, but at what cost? There were more responsibilities, more chores, more duties to execute in order to achieve and maintain what we have.

Certainly we had no true obligation to continue, for this was our choice. We could always stop, decide that we would not go on. But the ability to gain and achieve and enjoy the fruits of having succeeded and having conquered the tasks assigned was greater.

Had it remained the something small, perhaps we would have walked away. Had it been easy, and trivial, we should not have enjoyed ourselves as much. Looking at what we have achieved from the small something was a sensation that was greater than the accumulation of our losses.

A lesson rediscovered thanks to Farmville 2: Country Escape.


  1. You have an eye that sees things maybe nobody else would :) that's why I've always loved reading you.

    I don't think there are many FarmVille users that come to this thought!

    1. And 8 months later, even I'm a bit overwhelmed to discover I came up with this. Especially with knowing the way I just write without having planned anything. Whoa, me.

      Thanks as ever for your appreciation!

  2. Agreed.
    But what about what we COULD have achieved, had we done things differently? Is it counted as our loss? Can it cloud over both our achievements and our losses? Even when we can't turn back time, can we turn back the thought? Can we remember to forget?

    Revision time starts...

    1. I think that the infinite possibilities of what could have been have to be discounted by their very state of being infinite. Like dividing by infinity. Can you measure the weight of that which is not?

      I think thought itself can be turned back even if time cannot. The imagined is not contingent on the causality applied to our 'concrete reality'.

      Oh and I have myself reminded myself to forget so yeah. Just 'remembering to forget' doesn't determine whether you actually do forget though. But I believe it is possible by dint of having done so.