Monday, April 06, 2015


This morning after a long Long-Weekend I had to arise again at the early morning hour to resume the routine of the work-bound. This time however, I had to leave the insidious realms of a very vivid and realistic dream...

Planes were zooming across the sky, so much that the blue was obscured by white, grey, black of metallic machinery... was this war?

I stood at the top of an office building's balcony and watched the chaos down below. I was worried, because I had not heard from my Special Someone in a few days, and I wasn't sure if the whole world was going to blow up or not.

I paced this way and that. Suddenly I was in a airport, waiting at a terminal. Was I waiting for someone to arrive or was I about to embark on a journey of my own? All I knew was that I was waiting for someone.

Crowds went this way and that, people were shouting, people were pushing through. I spotted an old high-school crush, who now lives and works abroad in India, coming through with a wheelie-bag, and he waved. I waved back, but still worriedly, because he was not the one I was waiting for.

Suddenly, an official of some sort approached me and told me that the one I was waiting for was over there. I got up and turned around and there was this random dude who has no place in my real waking life standing there. He started to profess his feelings for me, stating that he didn't realize what a beauty I had turned out to be and that as we were growing older and were still single...blah blah blah... I was stunned and found a voice inside me worrying what the time was...

I looked about and saw that the date was a long long time in the future and I still hadn't found the person I was searching for. I also realized with a start that this dude was lying. I'm not single! I started to say, but then my best friend from highschool was standing behind me, in a show of support.

Hey, she asked this fellow, isn't that the smell of marijuana on your shirt? He stopped and looked sheepish. Yes, to be honest it is, but I can stop. I can clean up this label if you will allow me to be in your life, he said to me.

I blinked, and blinked again. What the hell was happening?

Next thing I knew, Falak's Oh Sajna was playing, and it was time to wake up.

Note to self: I have forgotten most of the dream.


  1. Haha this is an interesting dream! I've had some weird ones lately but I just can't remember them o.o

    1. It was MUCH more interesting! I was a bit excited to realize that I had so much material to write about (thanks to another bum telling me his dream)..then came to the sad realization that the more I tried to pen it down the less I recalled, even though I recalled my head. O_o

  2. Wait, wait, wait. Where is the part where you roasted me real bad? That wasn't a part of the dream?

    Somebody is reading too much love, war and planes and airports and crush(s). :P

    Note to IQ : The glass three quarters empty? You remember a part of the dream i.e. you remember one quarter of the dream = The glass one quarter full. #optimism #positiveThinking #dontRoastMeNow, please.

    Note to self : Don't mess with IQ. Never.Ever. *gets this tattoo*

    1. The Ajay Roast was YOUR dream, not mine...but I realized it was happening too, in this reality, only that reality was another dream itself and my blogging about this and you replying about it, and my response herein is also a dream....until you come to the realization {nirvana} that when you encounter IQ you will experience this roasting sensation and you have to battle your own reaction and weaknesses to overcome the bounds of mortality....and truly wake up. ....*tathastu*

      My actual dream was quite much more full and happening, probably only 2% of the dream.

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      I never. HAHAHAHAHA oh dear..