Saturday, April 11, 2015

Why should I write a story? A different story, that's not you and me?
Why shouldn't I just let down the gates and let the words flow; so much more that has yet to be told
What more would there be in fictional characters, giving them a happily ever after
Giving them a story that's something we wish we had
But we have it all.
This is our story, our story we keep waiting to happen
When things are finally better and when things are finally calm
This is our story; a story of waiting for our story to start
But in the meantime we have been apart
If I can open my eyes today and you can close yours
If my sun sets to your sunrise, and the distance remains this far
With the hours stacked up and yet clocked in synchronity
The world keeps turning   And the heart keeps beating
Your heart
Then mine
Your heart
My heart
This is no silence. What are we waiting for?
Our story has already begun.


  1. Beautiful :)

    I am definitely going to miss lucid iridescence as its own blog, but of course it's still all here

  2. This one got posted in the wrong place (it was a draft that got published on poetry eventually). I had to repost it to keep your comment though..

    I have very deep mixed feelings about moving from Lucid. It was a its own place, a quiet secret garden in a way. But it's been increasingly difficult to "decide" which blog my writing these days fits within. I considered discussing this decision with you as well, because, well you know. But then it really came down to me, not anyone else either. So I made the content move, and kept Lucid for now with the redirect... It is still way, way too soon to tell Lucid Iridescence goodbye for real. :) Music, Poetry.. I think we can be OK with them staying as is for now.