Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Eight days into September, I have to slap myself each time I reach for a snack.

Most people, according to folklore, put on the weight in December. Apparently, that's when all the Christmas treats start sprouting, baskets of red and green aluminum-wrapped, snowflake-spangled, silver-lined chocolates become omnipresent, and face-stuffing becomes a form of seasonal substance-abuse. 

I'm..ehhh...not so much a fan of sugary treats. Sure, I relish the occasional chocolate or slice of cake as much as the next dude. But, something about sugary things kind of makes me internally cringe. I don't know what it is; I often get nausea just contemplating a super sweet bite. My teeth hurt. My tongue feels gross. Maybe I'm a Superwoman and sugar is my kryptonite. Yeah, I'm from the planet Glucon/ite, yo. 

Now, give me salty kinda snacks. Did someone say kryptonite? Chips, nachos, popcorn, samosas (SAMOSAAA), fries... Hello, weakness.

I love potatoes. I love pizza. I know, I know: who doesn't?And honestly, for the most part, as those of you who know me will already know, I usually eat pretty healthfully. Like, saladdddddd! Oh yes, that's my other weakness, but that's another story for another day. 

Now. The month of August is my month of shame. As it culminates in the greatest event of humankind in the history of the universe, i.e. MY BIRTHDAY.. Ahem, thank you autocorrect thingy for putting that in capitals. Goes to show how universal that truth is. ... I tend to develop a subconscious tendency toward snacking...profligately. Truly and admittedly, it is a shame.

I try to rationalize the month away by asserting that it was just an experiment to observe the effects of eating food from outside sources daily. In full-disclosure, the girls at each foodstop location knew my order by rote, just at the very sight of me. And in fuller disclosure I evilly tried tripping them up by deciding to change things up and going with different choices. I still got a smiley face drawn on my coffee cup, and still got called love/hun/darling..at least to my face. But to the point, I ate out every single day for a month..

And I'm squidgy. Wth! My abs are gone. My triceps are squishy soft. My thighs!...well thank the Force for stretchable denim.

Even though this wasn't really an experiment, I still have results that tell me that this fastfooding thing sucks. I don't even know what my arteries look like. On second thought, maybe I don't want to know. But now that my month has come ans gone, that's it. No more.

Time to get back in my Superwoman lycra...


  1. Take that month and stretch it into a couple of years and you will get to where I am today. Actually, don't.

    And guess what, you have it easy. Strike that. Easier than me anyway. What happens when you have a sweet tooth AND an unending love affair with nachos and samosas? Answer: BayMax. And not even in a cute way.

    I love salads too :) newfound love but I do.

  2. I have a inbuilt tendency toward healthiness, and the despair and regret after bingeing is never worth it - and I have actually had a phase where unhealthy eating and depression fed each other into a horrific cycle. So I stay away from re-entry! People do look at me and do the whole: you? Ha-ha you're joking, look at you thing, but I'm like its OK I know and that's all that matters.

    Keep at the salads! Nothing like some refreshing vegs to make you feel energized in the way no cookie can! (No offense intended!)

  3. yes yes ...eat dem salads and dem cruciferous veggies and dem carrots and beets ... in a month we can have a long conversation about dem thighs :D


  4. I need to work on becoming a "superwoman"! Teach me your ways :P

    1. Jigar, your own ways will lead you far beyond my galaxy ;)

  5. The last time I had salad was never.
    The last time I had a pizza was day before yesterday.
    The last time I had a slice of cake was yesterday.
    The last time I had burger was now. Basically, what I am saying is I eat fast food. Like a lot.

    I have a sweet tooth and not to mention salty kinda tooth as well. So, there are no restrictions.

    Probably, you will advice me on the health or not. But you will have thought about it. But what I do understand is there are something which we can't keep for later. I am not making sense, am I? I will stop now.

    1. No you make sense. You can't keep for later the life you had today.

  6. Happy advance belated birthday!!