Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sorrows of Stagnation

I dread that sensation of waking up with that deeply rooted sense of dread. And it usually happens when the days have settled into mundane routine. When the new things have lost their shine and the permeated odour of freshness has become stale.

Things have sucked for a long time, and as you can probably tell, I refuse to let them remain so. I mean, things can suck in context, but I am determined to let my perception similarly cloud and distort. If things aren't new, maybe I just gotta infuse that newness into the day myself. Even if I have to kickbox it in.


  1. I'm sure you have one thing that you like to do, no matter what - maybe paint? read? write? And I'm sure you aren't 'finding' the time for this activity in your daily life owing to several million reasons. Let me tell you this - do this activity that you enjoy for 15 minutes each day, whenever, wherever.

    I promise you things will get out of the rut.

    ^This is from experience. I got into a horrible way of living for a year and a half without even realizing it. Led to quite a bit of mental crap for a while till I pulled myself out of it. I forced myself to read even if my eyes were closing shut. In a couple of weeks, it became a habit and there! one new thing that happens to me everyday. Made me feel so much better and so less useless :)

    1. Yup. That sums up the personal experience that led to this summary.