Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thanksgiving Love Letter

A few posts ago, I wrote about being my own hero. I still stand by that - maybe more than ever. The thing is, I didn't count on the cavalry stampeding in.

I wasn't looted or ravaged (well...ahem...not quite). I was doing a good job of that myself, emotionally speaking. No: the cavalry stampeded in to my rescue.

Said cavalry is enumerated briefly by certain best friends (autocorrect+sloppy fingers made that butt fiends, which is also sort of correct). Not many. Not even a hand - and I am quite seriously including my cat to this list.

However small their number though, their force is legion.

To be sure, by dint of their very positions as bffs, it could just as well said to be a protracted outcome of my very selfsame heroism. Cuz, theyre my best friends cuz like I'm so totally cool right. (Should clarification be required, that was not a question. At all.) So, just by my awesomeness I perpetuated my own personal saving by cavalry therefore I am still my own hero. (Don't argue. Close your mouth. More on this later.)

There are three of you, plus my cat. And my cat is sleeping on the notebook I originally started writing this love letter upon which she settled very meaningfully: human, you give me all thy love, screw the others.

I actually sent a very cheesy ecard to thank one of you. Apparently it didn't go through or something, so yeah, if you didn't get it that was you.

Really though. Thank you. I still stand by being my own hero, but I also really do have some other heroes I never implicitly asked for and who really actually inspire me. Because, if you have to put up with me.....geez, you're a star.

My own star might fade today or tomorrow, or in the next 30 years, but in the last several days especially...well, if I have ever needed hope, it isn't as far off as I might think. In each moment I've been able to laugh, or make someone laugh, or share a thought that is so amazingly understood without further discourse, or engage in really weird languages and conversations, or to bother the next person's sleep and boss them around, or threaten to punch the light out of your boss, or kiss your warm, soft tummy....( THAT ONE WAS FOR MY CAT, LOSERS). These are instances right there that each moment, as miserable and dementingly depressed I think it is, is still being lived. Hallmark card dorkiness, I know! But trust me its the tip of the... tip of the iceberg of love I feel, and I really could never express how much love I feel in my heart so will thereby refrain from doing so herein.

Thank you bums for being my Justice League.

With love and hugs and OK enough now get lost, ugh.


  1. "Think where Man's Glory most begins and ends
    And say My Glory was I had such friends"

  2. *Thinks where mans glory begins and ends* Under a microscope maybe. But nice quote. I'll share that with my best friend. Blue Jays WON. Hiyahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. texas is havin abad night -both their teams lost :D

  4. I know! Your Longhorns best buddy must be crying hahahahaa

  5. Well, you have great friends, however small the number is. And I guess that's all that really matters.

    1. Not entirely all that matters. But it makes a huge difference, yes.