Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Patricia decided to have an affair with the arctic winds today, and thats what I woke up to. Thunder and darkness. Thunder, yes I love. Mornings that are dark, no thank you. That's just the reminder I need that winter is not that far away. The goddamn darkness! Dark mornings, dark afternoons. GROAN.

And my umbrella broke. My beautiful Burberry umbrella that matches my Burberry scarf. Seriously, Patricia, you could have ransacked a warehouse instead of my umbrella. Now my scarf is lonely.

I muttered, moaned and cursed a lot today. Sorta. I mean, more than I usually do. I'm still nice. But really really whipping cold winds that make me defy gravity and rains that soak me to the skin are not user-friendly.

The irony is that of course me being the hopeless romantic, I used to argue that walking in the rain is, no really, so fun! And now. I can't argue with you. You're not here.

Rain makes me morose and depressed. Sorry. This kind of rain. What was I thinking when I thought it would be a great idea to write about my day?

Oh. Actually, there was something nice. The rain stopped.

And then it wasn't so dark.

And then I was walking over this super lush vivid green field, glowing with verdant 'cause it just got a super watershake to glug all day.

And the leaves were on the grass. And they were yellow and they were red.

And it was twilight and the sky was sort of glowing like a pink grapefruit with its greying blue dolphin backdrop.

And OK.

It was beautiful.


  1. All of this sounds amazing to me :) It must have been beautiful!

    1. I knew it would; I was once your age. Unfortunately I've learnt there is a very big difference between fantasy and reality, and it helps to remember this. #pneumonia

  2. Mmmmm - the intoxicating fragrance of the rain soaked meadows, the fiery power of the fallen leaves in its many hues that threaten to consume the innocent verdant fields in a raging inferno - yes the beauty of Fall is truly spectacular.

    As is often the case with the season, yesterday's beauty has been replaced by a cold biting wind; Nature is saying to us - You had your pleasure yesterday, now it's time to extract my pound of flesh.

    1. Surely you are joking - I've never seen a more beautiful day than today. Warm, sunny and gently breezy. It's like summer has returned. The freezing biting winds that now pay YOU a visit are those which were blasting shards of freezing rain into my bruised skin yesterday when you were mocking me for complaining about the cold WHICH WAS MUCH MORE WICKED BECAUSE OF THE ARCTIC WINDS.

      Today though is a different lesson here: endure and thou shalt have thy reward.

    2. yes - next week will be early September temps :D