Sunday, February 28, 2016

Missed Beats

I have, in the last several months, questioned almost everything: life, my own identity, my purpose, my worth, everyone else, love, trust...and God. Somewhere along the path of broken, sharp shattered glass on which I've had to trod on barefooted, I came to a really weird realization that maybe somewhere I lost a belief in this big G entity. I still have strong feelings about the physics of the cosmos though, as in a greater force, maybe big F.  This F is found in smaller, (arguably) less overpowering things, like music. Like, laughter. Or even tears. In that really really really great feeling that comes out of really really really great and insane friendships. And even those really really really horrible feelings that come out of them, when things are out of sync, and even in love. Like music, sometimes we just have to wait and find the rhythm again.