Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Somewhat Girly Post -- Homemade Exfoliator and Nails

As you can tell, I haven't been around much lately - I've been vacationing the last week and will be for the next while yet. I've decided that June is definitely one of my favourite months right along with May. I decided this while just standing at my bedroom window this morning enjoying the lovely sunshine and quiet that accompanied the cool morning breeze through the house. Yes - May and June, and then the end of August and September: those months where the intermingling of cool and warmth are at its optimal.

I've spent the time just enjoying quiet moments in the sun or in the cool shade of the backyard. Spending quality time with my baby kits. Hanging out with good friends and catching up with old ones (who also are good friends, don't get me wrong).

One of these friends has a makeup obsession like never seen before. And that's pretty much all she just loves talking to me about - and said that she was waiting to get time to talk to me about makeup because I was at one time a makeup artist and consultant. But my obsession with makeup has waned. I've let most of the makeup I have grow old and expire, and I keep and wear just the basics now.

Now I'm totally into fresh and natural. And that's actually part of the reason why I decided to blog today. As you might be aware, Layla's blog was opened up under the label of "GLAM: gossip, love and makeup" and was for a little while a place where a few of us shared beauty tips and stuff. I shared one post about one of my "natural remedies", apple cider vinegar. (Edit:*original post moved to this blog: September 14 2013)

And since it's flipflop season, I thought let me  share another of my favourite natural treatments. My homemade exfoliator, which isn't really a big secret; if you've been reading around in this circle you'd come across it pretty much anywhere. Olive oil and sugar. People often remark on the softness (and youthfulness) of my skin. Not that I'm really that old anyway, but point in case: using my sugar scrub exfoliator (sure, haven't we come across such products sold on shelves? And at what exorbitant prices comparatively?) on my hands, feet and face regularly do the job. I always feel super sexy (okay extra super sexy, for those who raise their eyebrows) after exfoliating, and right now is one of those times.  ^.^

And with a baby kitten who loves to bite my fingers (playfully), I'm avoiding wearing nailpolish for some time now. But that doesn't mean my nails are being neglected. No! I've invested in a super multi-step buffer. What it does is file, buff, polish and shine. And the end result is a high gloss nail that's naturally shiny and healthy looking. It looks like I  have clear nailpolish on, but I don't. And it lasts for weeks or months (depending on your routine).

Both treatments don't take that much time (or $$)...and the results are akin to having spent a whole day or paycheque at a spa or salon. Oh and despite my titling this post as "a somewhat girly post"...these are things guys can do just as well. Afterall, girls like guys who take care of themselves*. ;)

*to an extent.


  1. Olive oil and sugarr: shalll try :)

    And yes to an extent! Not the self-obsessed guys who are always admiring their own beauty!

    1. Or those guys who (as Layla points out) wax their eyebrows. :P

    2. lawlziez eyebrows !! so gay