Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Movies - Review

Okay so it goes without saying that if I am on vacation I'd be watching some movies. I'm going to give you my own two or three cents worth of what I thought about what I have watched lately. Obviously, I'm not going to provide any spoilers, so don't close the window just yet, if you're the kind who spooks easily about movie plots being given away. So here we go. Tan tanaaaa.

Aashiqui 2:

Definitely worth a watch, and I would even hazard watching it again - it's good. Now what you need to keep in mind is that when I rate how I like a movie, I do so with my emotional rating system, meaning that how I like a movie is about how I relate to it on a personal level. So this won't be true about you watching the same said movie. I have an even greater attachment to this movie because I watched it with my best friend, and he was telling me how much the heroine was like me throughout the movie. That too, we had a great time making fun of Aditya Roy Kapoor for the first quarter (he needs to hire a better sunglasses stylist). I absolutely loved Shraddha Kapoor's character, and this being NOT her first debut leads us to why I backtracked to watch her actual debut, which I will review below. Aditya Kapoor - I disliked him quite a lot. I don't know what it is, I had liked him in his other movies prior, but I guess I can fairly say that it was entirely his character that I disliked immensely. Such a selfish and weak man. Pissed me off, grrr. GRRR. But ironically, the way this movie plays out is what makes it entirely such a blockbuster. Resonations of Rockstar still abound and this movie reaps in the fanbase regarding that market for the theme of tragic art.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:

You might remember my preview post about this movie, wherein I stated that I wasn't really so enthusiastic about watching this movie (anymore), because frankly it was overhyped and the promos already seemed to slate the movie as way too predictable. Well then I got reminded that knowing the plot isn't everything. It's the journey, not the destination. And that's what this movie proved to emphasize. I liked it. It was actually pretty nice. My main reason for wanting to watch it was obviously my favourite actor, Ranbir Kapoor. His performance was OK, not that he didn't try or anything; when he acts he really does act. But his character had so many echoes of previous characters he'd already played. There were reflections of his Prem, from Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani; Raj, from Bachna Ae Haseeno; Barfi, from Barfi. That said, there isn't anything truly wrong about these personas (they were awesome when they lived), but the dead ringer for Ranbir's ability to carve out that unique niche of a character wasn't exactly there. I will say for the record though, he totally, totally, pulls that close beard off (see Illahi song). The main reason this movie resonated with me is all due to Deepika. Other than her performance in Cocktail, I think this is my fave avatar of hers. She totally pulled her Naina off. (Does the coincidence of a nerdy girl wearing glasses being called Naina occur to anyone else? Preity Z in Kal Ho Na Ho, anyone?). As for the supporting actors, I never liked Kalki before really (I always thought she was aptly named. 'Horse' face?) but I liked her character thoroughly, and thought she was actually quite beautiful, along with Deepika. Aditya Kapoor seemed to have simply walked off the sets of Aashiqui 2 right onto the sets of Yeh Jawaani; his character is pretty much the same. The ending was justifyably predictable but as an expected conclusion, sort of like sinking the ball in the net; satisfying.

Oz the Great and Powerful:

A nice movie... if you remember the classic original Wizard of Oz, that's what makes this movie so wonderfully enticing, because there are so many references that put the glee right into you when you recognize them. The graphics and scenery are reminiscent of the 2010 Alice in Wonderland. I also got flashbacks of NZ in Lord of the Rings. Overall, the movie was a delightful entertaining watch.

Luv Ka The End:

Shraddha Kapoor's debut. As I mentioned, I went back to watch this 2011 movie due to loving her in Aashiqui 2. While it is said that the movie is a remake or is inspired by some English movies, I still enjoyed watching it. I had so many moments where I had to laugh out loud. Watching SK in this younger roop was also pretty enjoyable compared to her roop in A2. She definitely has great potential (maybe she picked up pointers from her dad). I'm not going to say much more about this film but that if you want a light youthful comedy then watch it.


  1. Aashiqui 2: I loved this movie as well. But those sunglasses LOL they were hilarious! Nevertheless though, I think Aditya did a great job in terms of acting out his role. And of course Shraddha did a great job as well.

    YJHD: I'm just dying to see this movie! Can't wait till this week is over, then i'll see it!

    Oz: *puts down on to-watch-list*

    Luv Ka The End: I saw this one a long time ago! And I liked her since then, so when Aashiqui 2 came I was like yayy the Luv Ka The End girl is in it!

    1. They should have optimized her acting ability as a youth between her debut and A2... She already seems so much older and compared to other new actors of that age range, take Alia Bhatt, she would do well with that oomph she possesses to be onscreen before she does get older. Alia seemed to pale in persona in comparison - she's the type you WAIT to mature and blossom out.

  2. Aashiqui 2 - I found it kinda lame.. the whole story line... it did not make sense to me....... songs were awesome and Shraddha did a very good job!!!!

    Luv Ka The End - Still finishing it.. so far.. its a light movie.......... nice :)

    The other two are on my watch list =]

    1. Yes the songs are what make A2. Without them, movie would bomb.

  3. i saw oz on the flt back home .. i might have slept thru half of it :P

    1. and arrived 'this aint kansas no more toto'