Thursday, April 03, 2014


Just this morning, I was in the shower and know, how one just thinks random stuff, while still in the process of waking up? So, what I was thinking about was ... a whole bunch of things (another attribute of that kind of half-asleep thinking is the way you zoom from one thought to the next in superhero speed, you end up somewhere completely different from the first thought. Something very much like how I write, come to think of it).

For some reason I was ruminating on the strange way I have of contemplating something in my being, and the entity of that thought somehow manifesting itself in physicality. I say 'contemplating something in my being' as a catch-all way of saying that state is inclusive of thinking, dreaming, and feeling. It's contained there inside my mind in whatever form, and then the next thing I know something happens in real life (as in, outside my head) and I'm thinking, hey waitaminute. I just contemplated this in my being (thought/dreamt/felt/considered etc. this). 

It's happened SO many times that I am at a loss to even be able to provide you with a clear example. That seems kind of like it's working the wrong way around, because if it has happened so many times, I ought to have so many examples in hand. But yeah. 

The reason I bring this topic up now though is because it JUST happened. Yesterday, for some reason, I was browsing through Google Images, looking for - don't ask me why - book spines. Through my searching process, I altered my search phrases to 'vintage book spines' 'old book spines' etc. I professedly spent about half to three-quarters of an hour in this endeavour.

Today, for some weird reason, PenguinBooks decides to tweet a picture of a bunch of their classic book spines all lined up together.

Saaay wut.

This is just one example of 98408340983402374283472937598 that similar "coincidences" have happened. This is on the low-end of the freak-scale, there have been serious jaw-dropping and eye-popping instances. 

Speaking of weird incidents, I had a very strange dream last night. There were more details to the gist of it which I am about to share with you, but yeah. Trying to remember the details never works. 

So I was basically running a marathon with a bunch of people and one of them was Hrithik Roshan, and I beat him in the marathon (I came first). Yep.


  1. LOL! Of course you beat him...after all, it's YOU!!!

    I had this weird moment yesterday where my sister was reading a speech she wrote for this leadership class (one that I took last semester) and her speech was almost identical to mine..

    In my last dream I was running in and out of a car, avoiding a dog. But then that dog caught transformed into this new "roop" which was like a doglike human.

    1. Yeah I saw your post about that one haha. Frankly I think the doglike human is scarier than the dog itself - reminds me of The Island of Dr Moreau by HG Wells.

  2. 98408340983402374283472937599 not 98408340983402374283472937598 .... you forgot the shahid kapoor one :D

    1. Haha oh yess! LOLLL I knew there was something very recent I was forgetting!

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    1. hello there bhaiyya of few words :rofl