Sunday, November 01, 2015

Regression Analysis

Honestly, I was on my way to setting a world record. I really thought so. I hadn't cried in a few weeks. And after the hurricane (no, the intensely personal one preceding Patricia) I was adamant that I would remain affixed in my nonchalant and cheery facade for reason that by continued upkeep it would become the true thing. But then today out of nowhere, it had to happen.

I was doing the damn dishes, and the kettle was on, and I was singing as one does while doing chores (I just sidestepped using 'choring' ahem). To be fair, I don't really pay attention to what I'm singing, because after all it is an absentminded thing. Then it hit me as I was singing 'kyun koi paas hai, door hai' that I was singing that goddamn Dooriyan breakup song from Love Aajkal. And I was crying. Wth.

So I shut my mouth for awhile. Then somehow it starts up again, this time singing Main Tainu Samjhawan. And then I had to throw the damn sponge down and go sob to myself. My cat was like, wtf? This again? Human you are screwed.

I'm writing this to make it separate and not an unexplored part of me. And to make fun of myself in my throes of deep unmitigated anguish. Personal catharsis.

In other news, the weather is just gone bonkers today, in a totally good way. Its revolving around the four seasons every hour. Bright sunshine. Dark gloomy spalls of rain. Cold windy dropzones with suspicious white precipitation and mild moments of sun and cloud. Five million threads of subtext happening in this post. I'll quit while I'm ahead.


  1. Only after da rain comes da rainbow - especially the red hues :D

    1. Pink otherwise long wavelengths and particulates oh boy yippee woo.

  2. I totally agree with ^Nerdyy.

    Well ,I don't know the backstory, so I just hope everything is fine on your end.