Monday, March 14, 2016

Real Talk

Many long years ago, after working in various retail jobs during university, and having conquered all the customer service floors with my people skills and makeup artistry skills, I decided that I wanted to work in an office.

My reasons weren't exactly ambitious. I wanted a job where I could literally just sit down behind a computer all day and get paid for it. But then again, that already sums up what pretty much all of us want at one point or other.

As unoriginal as it was, this was the epitome of my 'working girl in the world' dream. To be sure, I had--and have--much more lofty ambitions as well, i.e. to be a high-ranking enterpreneur; a hotshot boss lady; a famous celebrity (well, at least that one I can check off), but there is this quiet, introverted me that loves, and prefers, being in the background, the backstage if you will, thus this was my quiet goal.

Point to be noted: this was my goal as soon as I realized what fun it was to sit at a computer all day, a feat very much assisted by discovering MSN (remember MSN?) very late in life--and blogging.

When I got called in for an interview at my First Real Office Job Ever, the owner of the company asked me what I really wanted to do: what were my unbridled dreams? So, I decided, rather than giving the usual answer tailored to the job description or company, to give the unbridled truth.

"I want to be a writer."

He nodded. Gave me an appraising look and said, "Come back tomorrow."

This is part 1 of a series of "Real Talk" pieces wherein I finally talk about my real life and share some (not so) scandalous short (and sweet!) stories.


  1. Real talk with Pi.

    I see a TV show in the near future.
    You already crossed off celebrity, so being in the limelight should be a problem for the not so introverted girl..erm...lady

    Wait. Scandalous stories too please. :P

    PS : I'm going to hashtag this and may be implement in my blog as well. I mean can I?

  2. Definitely! Go for it. My 'real talk' question to you is this: your blogger bio includes "dance" among your other "talents" -- who what where when why and how.

    1. I thought that was a way to attract the female crowd. Guess, it didn't work out when ... Catch the remaining story after a break...on my blog...when I post it. 😁

    2. Haha yes please write it and post it

  3. I actually remember this story :O