Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Indian Man Comes to Canada

Experiences Winter for the First Time

He finishes typing out an email to his family back home, and hits send, sighing morosely. It is a cold and lonely world. An advertisement on the right margin in his webpage catches his eye. He picks up the phone, and dials.

Person (answering phone): Heylo! Thank you for calling On Point, how may I help you?
Man: Hello, ah, I would like one "On Point Blow".
Person: Sure! How soon ya need it?
Man: Is tonight OK?
Person: I think we have availability for one more delivery, let me check... hmm hmm, yeah you got it.
Man: Oh thanks.
Person: Now I just need to ask you a few questions
Man: Is this not confidential?
Person: Huh? Yeah, sure that's not the issue. What's the measurement?
Man: Measure...?
Person: We need to how long the drive is
Man: Oh. You call it drive. Never heard that one before. Sorry. 8 inches.
Person: Inches? You mean meters, right?
Man: Uh
Person: OK and what model would you like?
Man: I get to choose model?
Person: Yeah of course, all customers have their own preferences, you know, for speed, performance, lot of people just like how the models look, you know how it is. So which model would you like?
Man: Well, I like Kendall Jenner please
Person: .....
Man: But if she is not available that is also OK
Person: ......
Man: Sir?
Person: You do realize you are calling a snowblower rental shop right? Like, we rent out snow cleaning equipment? 

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  1. Lol. He must have been so disappointed and embarrassed as well.