Friday, April 01, 2016

Real Talk 6

As my life isn't an easy one, now is the time to tell you that while I was working my full time day job at HotlineBling central (not real name, do not google this on Google Businesses), I was also working an evening job. My "glamour" job.

No, I was not a strip dancer.

But I was the "face" of a cooking show and got to be on television and go to shows and stuff; this job overflowed onto weekends, so that's pretty much where all my life was at that stage.

It was definitely a fun and cool job, and it was very laidback and sometimes all we seemed to do was go out to the back on off-show breaks and sit on picnic benches and sing Enrique and Adele and discuss our coworker's lovelife problems with his boyfriend, or every other person's problem with their boyfriend, and inhale the secondhand fumes of the great outdoors and marijuana while the sun went down.

But the job also required every member to follow up with anyone who was remotely interested in the show, especially as its main objective was to sell the very cookware line that we used on the shows. So this meant that we all to dedicate 75% of our time to sitting at a desk and....wait for it....making follow-up calls!

See where I am getting at? I hear someone singing that Lion King song, shut up.

OK the irony is that this is where I actually stopped being the desknerd and became a blossoming flower because I was great at talking to other people. Except that I was usually in my office spending all that time talking to my boyfriend.

Everyone knew this actually, and it was sort of an inside joke, but at the same time everyone in the office was in love with my love story and were all rooting for me.

Except the new recruits or boss who invariably picked up the line: "Hello?"

"Ehm, IQ please."

"May I ask who's calling?"

"Huh. Just...give me IQ, I need to talk to her about...ehm....pots."

This is Part 6 of a series of "Real Talk" pieces wherein I finally talk about my real life and share some (not so) scandalous short (and sweet!) stories. To follow from the start click on the "Real Talk" label below for all posts in this series.


  1. Okay. Now, now it's getting interesting.
    I have never read anything about your *ahem* boyfriend *ahem*.

    Waiting for the next post.

    1. If you have never, you have not read much then

    2. Umm, yeah. Obviously, right?