Friday, August 26, 2016

A Tribute to Apple Martini

From the moment we decided we hated each other, we knew we had each other's backs.

From the odd snarky comment, to the loquacious grin of mirth (on my side, of course; you couldn't expend that much energy to exercise your face muscles) it only somehow grew.

It's been over 6 years and perhaps a nominal value here doesn't count. But fluid like a sine curve, perhaps, the frequency of affinity and antagonism only strengthened.

Getting under my skin was one of your talents. Shedding my skin like a serpent so that you wouldn't really succeed was my talent. But underneath there was always the sure knowledge of that frequency like no other that we surfed upon.

It is perhaps the last year that has seen the most change. In both of us as we meandered and struggled on our individual paths. But it's that strengthened frequency that brings these words to be written. From waking each other up through what was some of my darkest days, to you experiencing snow for the first time. From debating absolutely nothing in the most intricate and intelligent ways, to utter nonsense being spouted into creative masterpieces. From listening to me reenact literature drunk, to being a rapt audience to my lectures. From your foray into discovering Canadian whisky and spinning around on a chair at your workplace while you overtimed your way through weekends to meet project deadlines.

A karela by any other name would be as bitter. And despite your part-time job as God (and my coming out as an atheist; correlation stats please) I probably knew before you did that this moment was due to happen. Paper cranes, neuralizers, icecream, tv stands, coat racks, blown birthday candles, fights, tears, jokes, big-haired girls who shall now remain nameless and 50 pounds of grapes later, maybe this time you can fall into the rabbit's hole and enjoy the wonders of a curious heart.