Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Fury of Amusement

Under that over-bright sun, the esplanade thrumming with energy, noise, colour, movement, there we were above it all, in our own time-capsule, spinning together as a planet of our own.

To anyone else, our words were indecipherable, lost to the wind. But we were happy. For there was nothing else but the other and it was perfect for the moment.

Then in the middle of a joke, as we zoomed high and reached the zenith of our locus, you spread your arms wide, mirroring me with my expression of elation, to encompass everything, for in that moment the universe was ours.

Laughing out loud, blinded by the proximity of the sun and each other, your elbow knocked into my head and with an indignant yelp, I scrambled for my glasses before they fell over the side of our airborne ride. The typical clumsiness of our duo act sent us into gales of hilarity and even despite the dizzying moments on that amusement park ride, with the wind in our faces, we laughed until our tummies were sore, holding our bellies and each other, crying on the other's shoulder with laughter.

The sun made its way over, from one side to the other. Each time we disembarked, we again ran around the enclosure, chasing one another, to join the line again.

Perhaps in those moments we captured freedom, friendship and love. Your hand was in mine even as we flew closer to the sun, like Icarus before the fall.