Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear IQ,

Lately, I have noticed that you're getting less patient, more temperamental, and not as tranquil as you've always prided yourself to be. You were always pretty much the cool, calm and collected type, so what's the big deal?

Are you letting the heat of the summer get to you? I don't think so, because you love sunshine. It's been all blue skies and white clouds and radiating warmth for the most part. Granted, the damn AC has been running crazy on the public transit, and sometimes it gets a bit unbearable, but it hasn't been as bad as we thought it would have been, right?

Then again, I wonder if you've been letting yourself relish in the beauty of nature as much as you used to. Once, you'd be enraptured like a child with a set of keys, with just the beauty of a tree, the ways the clouds looked in the distance and the joy of serene moments in the early mornings.

You haven't been listening to music in a very long time. Maybe it's time to find your music player and get a good set of ear-buds and lose yourself in music again. You are, after all a child of music, and your heart and mind gets swept away into a magical world where almost nothing else but music could take you. Remember those nights as a child, when you had no clue at all about the classical music you'd tune into with your annoying alarm clock? The magic the orchestra could intone as you let yourself go to sleep. Haha, remember the magic of putting in that old Beauty & The Beast audio tape and listening to the music as you read until your eyes got tired and you drifted off to sleep? Or those love songs from movies, where you'd daydream about your Prince Charming? Or finding trance, and getting lost in the enigma of the heart and soul? Or those awesome songs that remind you of everything you've got to be thankful for?

Why have you gotten so irked and temperamental? You're the one who always carried around "Live love laugh" like a crown. You're the one who loves to be strong for others and be full of joy! You were all about cherry blossoms, babies' gummy smiles, fuzzy socks, cotton candy. You believed that "life" needed an exclamation mark. Listen, forget past tense. You ARE. We need this happy go lucky kiddo you've always been back. No, age is just a number. Forget about people just giving you looks, or making you feel foolish when you want to be funny or random. Stop getting hurt when people say stuff. You're far beyond just silly remarks and words of ridicule. Haven't you learnt by now?

Breathe. Take a walk when you need to. A 2 minute break is worth saving a day's headache. Peace, love, happiness. Life is more than just worrying all the time. Don't keep waiting for someone else to be there for you, you're strong enough to be strong for yourself and for the people you care for. You can do it, babes.

Remember what you always said. Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life ♥

Love always,



  1. Self inspiring , self motivating post.

    Dear person-named-ME,
    How come you know so much about IQ?
    -Me (Some guy who reads IQ's blog)

    1. Lol :P Velly funnies.

      Thanks, guy who reads IQ's blog! :D

  2. I loved it! ☺

    The way you self-inspired, and also, the way it inspired me! I feel like I'm sort of loving my optimism nowadays! Summer isn't bringing the tender warmth that I expected, but this is my moment! My moment to live, to love! ♥

    Note to myself : It's about time you head back into liveliness!

    1. Yayyy :D Thanks Kiara! It perks me up to know I've inspired someone also haha.

  3. note to self ... lemme write a long blog note to self and post it :rolleyes

  4. Dear Bulb,
    I've noticed that recently you are sounding very mean and insulting to your friends. In your poor attempt at bad humor, you end up hurting people who care about you. You gotta stop making silly remarks and ridicules on your friends. On top of that, you use the fact that a person in strong, against them, to justify your actions. You have to start learning to understand the people beyond what meets the eye and try to step into their shoes before you make any nasty comment. You need to understand that you are not as funny as u think, and that not everyone likes your obnoxious comments.

    With love,

  5. Dear You,

    I miss your talks and silly self. Hope you find yourself again.

    Just another Me :)

    P.S. Fuzzy socks!!! ♥ They make me wanna have winter all over again. And yes, the AC on the buses are just ridiculous.. They should just open up the windows instead.

    1. :D Thankssss Booondi! and yeah, I was thinking that about the windows. But this week, it isn't that much of an issue with how humid it is :P lol

  6. I dont think there's anything wrong with you.You're not supposed to be happy and whatever all the time! No matter what moods you're going through,you're still YOU! and anyone that knows you well,knows that!! So be you! besides I know I irritate you a lot LOL

    1. oh and I love that song ::rolleyes

    2. Well :/ Thank you :O goshz.

      And I know you do :P You're going to love any song that raises my spirits :D

  7. Replies
    1. Dear babes dear,

      I'm backkk from my 3-day honeymoon LOL :D muahh ♥

      Hun dear.