Thursday, June 21, 2012

4: Vibes

It's one of those things that everyone to some subconscious level understands, however, it becomes harder to express or explain it.

You put it into google, and this is how it's defined: A person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

The ability of an individual to understand the phenomenon is augmented by their ability to experience it. Most often, like things most ambiguous, we experience feelings, emotions, certain sensations that are beyond the grasp of words.

Words are, to an extent, a tangibility. Our capacity to use words becomes limited by our comprehension or lack of comprehension. Oftentimes, there are no words within our own mental library that can sufficiently be used to explain, illustrate, or interpret that which we can only feel. 

As I have often been told,  a lot of relationships (that did not arise from blood relations), have often resulted from this phenomenon of vibes. You become exposed to the other being and in doing so, absorb that aura that is radiating, or as per the etymology of vibes, their vibrations.

We've all witness the effect of a drop of water into a well of flat water. The spreading of each wave, and the occasion of interference as it meets another. When you meet someone, it goes beyond the physical manifestation that is presented before you, there is an "impression" left upon us from that encounter. We feel good or bad about their vibes. We experience a sensation that exceeds the ability for our comprehension.

I can account for the fact that every person who has become a best friend, indeed, I experienced that vibe that told me something right away. Similarly, every job I have ever attained, within the first encounter with the person in charge of hiring me, I was hired within minutes or that very day. There is a certainty I feel within the very first encounter. Those jobs I may have applied for and did not take on were experiences of the bad sort, I usually left before completion of further interviews, or simply felt that something that was "off" about it. Similarly, there are people I may have gotten along with, being the usually amicable person I am, but I just don't feel that bond that exists with the "good vibes" sort. 

Along this line of thought, comes another of my assertions, something I have written about often (just years ago, so you won't be familiar with it unless you stalk my writing).
I believe in love at first sight.

(Part 4 of an IQ Series that attempts to explore the mysteries behind certain personal experiences.)


  1. "Oftentimes, there are no words within our own mental library that can sufficiently be used to explain, illustrate, or interpret that which we can only feel."

    Words Undone.

  2. unfortunately for me i can never differentiate between a feel good vibe and a feel sorry for vibe at the instance of the vibe with respect to the other person .... all of you that have known me over the last many months have definitely seen a LOT of the friendships that i have formed as a result of the feel sorry vibes.

    fortunately for me ... i can differentiate between the two after a while ... tortured silences versus comfortable peaceful silences :D

  3. Am I one of the feel sorry ones 0_0

    p.s. Awesome Background & Font IQ! and of course the post :)

  4. LOL slapuuu :D ... nope the feel sorry ones have all ended badly :L

    1. Isn't it an ongoing process though? :P But I'm also guilty of the sympathy syndrome.

  5. Vibrations good like Sunkist
    Many wanna know who done this
    IQ and I'm here to move you
    Rhymes will groove you
    And I'm here to prove to you
    that we can party on the positive side
    and pump positive vibes
    so come along for the ride
    Making you feel the rhythm is my occupation
    so feel the vibration
    Come on come on
    Feel it feel it
    Feel the vibration

    1. u is not commentated on us feeling da vibrations :O

    2. :O I thought I did :/ I don't feel like partying though.