Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3: The Premonition

There is something so abstract about the bond between two people. What is it that makes a person like someone, and dislike another? What is it that makes you gravitate towards that one person out of a crowd? Or stay far from another? Why is it that we become so interconnected and close to only a few individuals out of the millions we encounter and out of a world population in billions?

Sometimes, it builds over time. A lot of time. It can take days, weeks, months, sometimes even years. Perhaps you were only acquaintances who had taken no further notice of each other, when years later, you become inseparable.

Sometimes it occurs in the blink of an eye. In a heartbeat.

I am a very sensitive person. When I mean sensitive, I do not only mean given to extreme feelings due to circumstances and mood. I mean that, but I mean more. I feel other people’s sorrows down to the very core of myself. Likewise, when someone is happy, I am giddy – there is a contagion in emotion that I always seem to be susceptible to.

In the same way, I am constantly predisposed to what I call vibes. I'm not sure how to explain "vibes", but this is what I use to explain what is even more inexplicable.

When I meet someone, I experience these vibes. It is an aura of a sort, that radiates from that person, and from these vibes I get an awareness of their state of being. Quite often, within a second of the experience, I have a premonition. And frequently, I'm not even truly aware of this premonition, but after the unfolding of circumstances, I often experience a sense of internal satisfaction that tells me, 'Yes, I knew this all along'.

A bit touch and go, however, I am very certain that there are many of you who will be able to relate to this, perhaps on some subconscious level, or even outright aware that you've experienced this. And I am as certain of this because this is the very essence of the experience.

(Part 3 of an IQ Series that attempts to explore the mysteries behind certain personal experiences.)


  1. I've had this exact thought rolling past me a whole bunch of times.

    My question is usually just "WHY?"

    Like you said, there are so many people, so many possibilities, but somehow we only get attracted, and lured by a certain few. And out of those few, some eventually become inseparable.

    And the "Yes, I knew this all along" feeling... Happens all the time, sometimes leading to regret, sometimes to happiness :)

    1. :D I knew you'd be the one who'd definitely agree with this :P (especially as you're the one who got me thinking about writing about it).

  2. Fettucine: :unsure
    Guest_xxxxx: alfredo
    Fettucine: << alfreda
    Guest_xxxxx: :wink
    Fettucine: :glare
    Guest_xxxxx: << alfredo
    Fettucine: fredo :biggrin
    Guest_xxxxx: fredo went against the family

    vibes vibes vibes :rolleyes

    i'll refrain from commenting about the other "instant" friendship bcoz you already know about it - and it isnt the best thing to say it in a public forum :D

    one of the best friends i ever had in real life was also instant :L ..... but i have had many friendships that have taken time to develop ... but yes definitely vibes have to be present at some time or the other .. and i can never explain the vibes, how they show up and why exactly they happen at the time they happen.

    1. :D I knew you'd reply with that! :P (except you got it a bit mixed up :P the wink went with the "<- alfredo ;)" :P then it happened AGAIN LOL and that's when it was all pakka pakka :P :D

    2. aye hai pakka pakka :L

      wot abt your 17650298390038 best frnds - were they instant or did they take time :D

    3. I don't have that many :O LOL and yes they were, that's to be discovered in the next chapter ;)

  3. I have a theory on the vibes but I cant disclose it on a public forum. You'll come to know about it when I get Nobel prize ::smoke

    1. "Prabhu Deva is doing break-dance in yuar heart, but outwardly you behayv like a cool & dignified Condom Physicist. You have grand marriage, have genius children, go to USA for reesarch, & because nobody understands vhat the hell youre talking about, you vhin Nobel Prize.

    2. :O condom physicist LOL ...remind sme of the "phate huwe condom" abuses i keep hearing on da spahce channel :L

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *shakes head and sits in a corner gruffing*