Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Serendipity of Spring

March is almost ending and Spring is supposed to have already arrived. Perhaps it has -- perhaps we've all just been spoiled for choices, when a year ago in March we had amazing weather with temperatures hitting the high 30s. Anyways, this time around, it's definitely taking it's time. A slow and yet steady pace that somehow and hopefully will make it all the more worth it when it happens. One day we'll wake up and get hit with the realization, a sudden moment of serendipity: it's SPRING.

But wait a second, no, that's how I felt this morning. Yes indeedy, I awoke to a bright morning (well bright compared to past weeks), and while walking outside, that's when it happened. The call of the mourning dove. 

I know I know, I've written about this before. Last spring I'd hazard a guess. (Yeah yeah I'm so going to have to go back and look now). But yup, the mourning dove. There's almost nothing as beautiful in the morning, than hearing it greet you with that haunting melody. And when you hear it - the way I did - that's when you realize, yes it is Spring. I'd been hearing them off and on all week or so, and I remember on Monday there was this absolute cacophony akin to an orchestra tuning their instruments simultaneously. Rather, this was all birds - mourning dove, geese, crows, sparrows - all chirping, honking, singing at once.

Sometimes I think imagine if I had waited a minute longer, I would have missed that one rare event - and that thought, that realization, it's profound. Take last night, for example, the moon was absolutely ravishingly full and beautiful, and yet, the clouds were moving here and there restlessly, and if I hadn't paused that minute before crossing the street, I'd have missed the moment the moon came out of its veil in full splendour.

That's why, sometimes, we're looking for something further away, or are sometimes scared to appreciate the good we have today, and we miss it when it happens, or lose it, only to appreciate it when it's gone. Hello Spring :)

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