Friday, March 29, 2013


What makes something worth fighting for? What makes us get up and make the effort to even say we don't like something, so we'll try to voice it? Sometimes we say 'nay' just because we can. Or because we have a hope for something else. A right to something. A right to feel a certain way? Or to be able to say something. Or that hope that someone cares to listen. I don't know. It's probably one of those things that shouldn't be said, but sometimes I wish I didn't have a voice. Or that I could simply keep silent in all ways, forever. Words go wasted, arguments go unheeded, wishes uncared for, prayers go unheard.
Wanting anything for myself? No. It's time to simply let go.


  1. sometimes letting go just means that we let go of some or all of the negativity that invariably creeps up in any human to human interaction ... yes it is painful and frightening and leads inevitably to new situations and people that we havent encountered before ... but in the end the right type of letting go can lead to a happier and freer self :)

    1. :O nobody replied to my words of wisdom :O

    2. I'm soaking them in. I read them this morning and had that quiet smile, thinking how does he just gravitate to the posts seeming to know I was really upset? :D

    3. vibeousness - to be short and precise :D