Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Touching Base

I've already decided by now that I am going to be opening up my blog on it's birthday. A good bit of low-down time and I'm guessing it's as good as it would ever get, so might as well become social again.

Anyways, it is finally March, and I've been losing track of the days already, plus now Daylights Saving is back and other schedules are all messed up... but it's okay. I've just now finished changing the looks to Golden Memories and Butterfly Effect. The contrast is stark - like day and night! Oh wait, it does look like day and night. Oops. ¬_¬

I've been reminiscing about how last March, we had two whole weeks of summer. My coworker decided to cheer me up -- and consequently drew me a picture of a bright yellow-highlighted sun wearing sunglasses amidst the clouds. It's stuck on my desk like a drawing made by a kid. o_O

Ok now back to work.