Friday, April 05, 2013


I love heat. I mean, I really love heat. This was the thought that crossed my mind as a sheaf of paper came out of the printer, with that awesome, amazing hotness radiating after printing a lot of pages at one go. When I do this - and I mean like 25+ pages, I literally hug the bundle of papers. Literally.

Today while doing so, I had flashbacks nostalgic almost of the future: Summer. I realize lately my posts have been sighful accounts about the impending Spring. With everything else in life being the usual if not just not great, I guess that awaiting for the warmth that will make it all worth it somehow unveils a patience that translates to everything else.

On the down side, I am going to cry in frustration when the public transit starts turning on their unbearable air conditioning. Grrrrr. Oh, I know I've written about this before; that just goes to show you how some things just don't change for the better. Sigh.


  1. This is so odd IQ!

    Tears are coming in my eyes while I read about printers.

  2. Lol Roo! WTH haha

    I do not like HEAT! HMPHH

  3. i hate heat .. altho i dont like being cold .. i like the inbetweens like right now :D

  4. right now 35 C with fan running fast, thinking of 48 C which is about to come soon... do I love heat?