Monday, April 08, 2013


With the advent of April and therefore Spring (yes, I had to mention it again), I've started reconnecting with a couple of my friends (couple, literally). This morning while listening to the songs posted on Butterfly Effect, I got lost in memories. Specifically, the memory of listening to hindi songs and singing along with my friends. We had some fun nights just doing these random singalongs -- going crazy with crazy songs, or each of us getting totally lost and sentimental in the song, singing crazy duets that may have resulted in the guy doing the girl part and vice versa...

Anyways, this morning the song Tadap Tadap  got me grinning mentally: the memory of my pal always singing this song, even under his breathe or absentmindedly, it was like second nature for him to default to this song. We used to meet up for eats all the time and I mean ALL the time, and we'd listen to my mp3 while doing this, and to really understand or envision this you'd have to realize how crazy we are. So, one meal, many years ago, we sat down to eat, and suddenly he broke out into Tadap Tadap, doing a full-on filmy version, with his face all twisted up into the 'emo-shuns' and with eyes closed, and hands upraised as if he were praying, I just stared - then he stopped, peeked, and then grinned his half-embarrassed grin, and I burst out LAUGHING.

'Great, now you've prayed before eating. Ameen!'

And we dug in.


  1. You're welcome for posting ::laugh

  2. =]

    :-W funny you're so shy around me to sing and be crazy( okay u are crazy around me lol ). I need to meet these friends of yours and extract information. ::ninja

    1. Hey they're the one's who're crazy LOL so it's easier to be the same :P

    2. Plus I'm reserved in other things with them which I'm not with you :D

    3. i have heard (from informed sources) that a vodka martini does the trick with her ..... worth a try :D