Tuesday, July 09, 2013


So, my story of the day is this: I looked at the clock, and it flipped to the next minute.

Sometimes I get amazed and the many ways we can find reminders about the many wonders and blessings in life. What were the odds of the flicker of my eyes toward the digital clock at to read the time just when it decides to switch right before my eyes in the very millisecond my glance lasted?

I also spent a lot of time outside walking, got the requisite tans (even more pronounced), and provided business to the Muslim restaurant on the way of my walks, where the guy gave me an extra samosa, which I didn't know was in the bag until I reached it.

Ramadan Mubarak to those celebrating. :)


  1. Firstly speaking to the staring at the time changing on the clock: I DO THAT ALL THE TIME... there's just something special and uncanny about seeing time move forward before your eyes.

    Plus, yayyy, I was really waiting for your next post and I'm so glad that it was THIS! I love how when we write these moments down they transform from something little to something magical in its own way.

    *takes extra samosa*

  2. Roo :( I got to it before you Muahaha ! :D

  3. :blink ... you guys are fighting for the extra samosa ... and she didnt tell you that she bought a 4 pack of samosas just for me bruahahhahhaha :P

  4. n oh yes happy ramadan :D ... of course i have no frigging idea how ppl manage to stay without eating (or drinking) frm sunrise to sunset in the summer months :blink