Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sometimes I wonder what would happen if everyone so inclined to act negatively in any way didn’t. People do such stupid things at times. They do it out of spite, just because they can. Because it makes them feel better about themselves. That they have this power over another person by doing this act. What if every act that was meant to be done to ‘teach someone a lesson’ or just to make another person feel something less positive by that act was eliminated? It seems like the idealist cliché, but then again sometimes one needs to continually consider just things.

Why do people do these things? Because they think they are right, when they are not – but ignorantly believe so, and thus that the other person is wrong, and therefore needs to be taught a lesson or given this treatment. Or perhaps, they don’t see the act they are doing as one that is wrong. Maybe they do it just because they lack quite a lot in their own self, and lash out with acts that make them feel better about themselves somehow.

I guess we could go on speculating about why a person would be or do things spitefully, with malice or why we as humans need to do things at all that cause a negative effect. Maybe it’s as basic as our need to survive. Sometimes, though, one wonders.

If I did everything so that no one was affected negatively – what would change? Or rather, ask myself, what things occur as part of the natural order of things in which a person or thing is affected negatively by something I did, and if that were to be eliminated, what would change in who or what I am?

If I get a job position that is only granted to one person – the other candidates are eliminated. But is that the same thing? Maybe what I’m really addressing is the intentional act of a person to construe negativity directly or even indirectly by an act deemed unnecessary by reasonableness.

So the example I thought of previously – which was the only thing I could think of in my life which does – ah, I thought of another: mocking individuals for their immature and inane behaviour! Comments of which type I have made a several times on this blog (see previous blog). I laugh and mock these individuals because of their behaviour: threatening and abusing and harassing. I feel that I am right in doing so, because their acts allow me the prerogative as an individual with moral judgement.

So therefore considering by this example alone that – taking the individuals as members of a social ecosystem – that moral judgement varies quite substantively even within such a small population, we would then understand that the greater that population grows, the greater the realm of morality stretches.

This is why – despite my annoyance at certain people for performing disappointedly in such spiteful and negative manners – I need to be able to accept this variable in others. I cannot hold on to it, despite its direct adverse affect on me. My karma is mine, theirs is theirs. I rise above, a better person.

And yes, that’s all what all this is about: it’s me, ranting.


  1. You can't always avoid causing a negative effect on someone else, sometimes it just happens. I guess what matters is if it is the intention behind it. But whatever it is, most people think they are doing the right thing no matter what they are doing.

  2. most times its just anger .. it clouds ppls minds ... but on the other hand anger also brings out true feelings - when we cant control ourselves or our anger we say stuff that at other "calmer" times we would not have said.

    its kinda ironic that this post comes at this point - ive been thinking about the same thing the last few days ...why do ppl have to be so intentionally spiteful ?

  3. I don't need to say anything, I'm grr'ing even now !

    What I will say is, yes..... your karma is yours and keep doing what you do :) and everything and everyone else will be shown their place in due time ;)

    *Hugs* :D