Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Day 308

Maybe I jinxed myself when I related to doing just that in yesterday's post, because I ended up doing just that. Not the same context but still that, "Oh no, come back!" belatedly grasping onto the email last sent.

Hate when that happens.

It is again a beautiful day. I have a whole cartload of work piled up and I am right at this moment lost in a splendiferous mellow daze upon a cloud of floaty buoyed up by really great music. There is something to be said about not choosing your music yourself and letting yourself hand over the reins to another entity, even if it is a robot or radio. Funnily, I am not too worried about the cartload. It actually accentuates my sense of contentment not just by contrast but as an additive.


  1. The number of times I have sent the wrong text to the wrong person. Sigh.

    P.S: I love how pretty your cat is, what's her/ his name?

    1. Her highness' name is Milly and she thanks you kindly by stretching her legs and looking up upside downishly with a mini-tractor purr.