Thursday, November 05, 2015


As much as I strive to absorb all the knowledge that is out there, however much as I revel in how this knowledge makes me here with my feet on the earth, the more I learn the more I realize that there is that one thing I could never really know: the measure of 'how much' there is to love. Even the oceans start and end. Even the sky starts here on this very earth and expands to a certain distances above before it ends. But this...even I don't know how to start to comprehend it, I don't know where to place the ruler to its beginning - how could I know where the end is?


  1. Soar like you've never soared before - remembah Red Bull gives ya wings :D

  2. does it end.. the sky..
    what if there was no end.

  3. Well, Gazal, I am glad you ask; that is pointing out the very reason I make the observation which furthers my point. You see, here in this part of the world it is 2015, and we have a little something called science which removes the necessity of this question being only philosophical. To wit, the sky ends approximately 1,280 km from earth, known as the outer boundary of the exosphere or thermosphere. Ambiguously, the sky is also referred to as how far our unaided eyes can see outward. The implications of your question therefore brings us to consider our very limitations; it would be great if the sky didn't end- on the one hand it would eliminate the necessity of supplementary oxygen supply when space travelling, and on the other, it would mean that we have the capacity to see outward to any and every distance. And that itself is kind of cool philosophize upon.