Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Word of the Day 

July 24: olympics
n. Loose assemblage of activities undertaken quadrennially by over-ripped folk with an odd view of life and difficulty prioritising. Small trinkets on coloured ribbons and needlessly ostentatious flower arrangements are commonly given to several of the better entrants as stirring tunes play. Flags and advertising signage tend to be prominently displayed and portly men in suits shuffle about needlessly.

It's that time again. The Olympics. Get me my gun. 

Don't get me wrong, I love sports. Rather, I love playing sports. I am not so much into watching sports. But this isn't the source of my grievance. 

I recall many projects over the years in school spent on the Olympics. I liked the thrill and challenges about the games. I also recall when I was old enough to actually realize that it costs money - one lucid memory is of the startling realization of how much athletes are actually paid. For what? 

If there are governments that want to cut costs or salaries or jobs of regular citizens, or those who believe that doctors are overpaid, I can't fathom how athletes get away with it. Of course, the question can be widened to a greater field: to actors, performing artists, or other celebrities, for example.

But, the Olympics? I've lost my respect for it. I do like the idea of an international convention where all countries can battle without an actual war. But the costs, for crying out loud. 

One of my friends had some sort of economics assignment. A writing assignment. So that means you know who she'd turn to for help writing it. Moi. 

Despite my vast knowledge of various subject matters, economics is most likely the one that I really haven't ever spent much time on.  I mean, can probably recount an entire list of all the subjects I've taken, and it would amount to all subjects possible minus the business ones. 

But, no. She would not allow this to be the conclusion of my contribution to helping her. And, in this friend's case, helping her means writing her paper for her. Why would I do that, you might ask? Well I don't entirely, but I do somewhat, because that's the friend she was to me. But yes, she would take not take no for an answer. She needed this paper done so she would pass the class. Which essentially meant that my knowledge of economics was probably more than hers. 

I, having absolutely no clue what topic to raise for her research paper, I handed over my grievance about the Olympics to her. She liked the idea. (Well, not as if she had much choice.)

The China Olympics. 40 billion dollars. Not million. Billion.

In building the infrastructure with their Olympic facelift to China, they've had people forced to move out of their homes that got destroyed, with little compensation, and then you take a look at the fact that it is still a developing country that normally is at loose ends on how to deal with their poverty.

I can't wrap my mind around that.


  1. Yeah I love the idea of an international competition sort of thing, but WOAH! People forced out of their homes just for that? I'm not supportive of that...

    But anyways, here we go again. :)

    The 2010 Vancouver Olympics were awesome, because I live there... But nobody was forced out of their homes.. Lol.

    1. Yes, but did you hear about the Poverty Olympics that were ongoing in protest? :P

  2. Using sophisticated multiplier analysis (LOL!)it is possible to calculate the economic impact of a mega sporting event ... my guess would be that the Beijing games would have a higher impact than the vancouver or london games primarily because of the world attention focused on a developing economy and the resulting (long term) boost to tourism and business ... in the case of western developed economies most of the world already knows about them .. thus the marginal benefit is a lot less.

    1. Why the big "LOL" :P You're allowed to show off, this is after all YOUR territory, you don't always have to revert to that "goofy retard persona" ;) But as for the higher impact, yes it would be greater emphasized due to the state of development, but even here, where I'm in the midst of urbanism at its height, I can't even walk down the street without encountering the homeless people sleeping along the sidewalks. On a altruistic or moral level, that shrieks "wrong". On an economic or socialist model, it might be inevitable no matter the solution employed. As for the tourism enterprise, yes it would help an economy, but there is just so much wastage regardless. The building and facilities that become unused or very less used, and yet require maintenance. And the ceremonies are the worst of it all. Not just cost-wise, but environmentally speaking as well.

  3. The concerns expressed by the author can be applied to anything done by the government (aka the rich) under the pretext of 'national interest' or 'greater good'. Every time they undertake something big, there wud be some people affected, usually the poor. I am not justifying them but some of it is unavoidable in a society which measures development solely on the economic development of the "country". Its just like 'rich gets richer'. These governments don't spend becoz they have lots of spare money. They usually have a plan to earn more by way of this show off, in the form of tourism or trade or more power in the UN. The matter of concern is that the benefits may not reach those who were really affected adversely.
    Now to the point of athletes being paid heavily. Again this could be a matter of debate, but seriously how many would go through boring trainings and physical torture just for fun or glory? I think in our incentive based society, Money is the only incentive which can make people do it. And in our society, more money = more respect, which really is 'glory'.
    I'm not saying that I dont have problem with the athletes or celebrities being paid heavily. It's really unfair that a construction worker doing dangerous stuff or a person ready to clean the sewage gets less money and less respect than those actors leading comfy life. But that injustice is everywhere in the society. The communist in me has already accepted it.
    My real concern with the Olympics is the elaborate opening and closing ceremonies. Total waste of money I say.
    Okay enuff ranting. Its a long reply, I did not get time to proof read. Ignore the typos, grammar and punctuations.

    1. "The matter of concern is that the benefits may not reach those who were really affected adversely." Exactly.

      And as for athletes being paid heavily - it would be reasonable indeed to expect athletes to receive some sort of remuneration for their "work". However the issue, is the extent of that remuneration. If, as you state, more money equals more respect and glory, then the glory you questioned previously "how many would go through boring trainings just for fun and glory" is redefined.

      And YES - the opening and closing ceremonies was what I made my friend look into and had her analyse the breakdown of costs and effect. WASTE.

      And yes, we might be reconciled to the things we believe we cannot change. But the idealist in me still believes a perfect solution must exist somehow.

      And as for the long reply. I LOVED it! Thank you so much :D You rock.

    2. Perfect solution = Store the embryos of all species of living things --> Nuke entire world except those embryos, you and your bf --> Start all over again

    3. What the hell LOL. Okay the idealist perfect solution involves nonviolence :P So, nextttttttt

  4. That is Crazy! Someone pay my School loans man :( A few thousands from that billion wouldn't hurt. Seriously..

  5. check this out:


    just as an aside, there is a listing for a brunch place on college street called aunties and uncles LOL

    1. hello rukziiii :smoke

      how is da break from da orphans going :rolleyes

    2. them poor proletariat workers getting whipped by a bourgeois capitalist overlord LOL :L

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    1. :D I finally found the "I left a message didnt I" message haha

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  8. A little investment for the status of development of the country is okay. But its crazy to spend all money on it. And is it possible to get the money back through Tourism ? I seriously doubt that. I mean isn't it a huge amount.
    If we come to India, its more politics then sports. And isn't it the citizens money (tax) they are spending.

    Well, whatever we discuss isn't gonna change that.
    And 40 BILLION !!! If they have so much money, why don't they give a billion to me? or atleast a million !

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    1. Erm, how much detail exactly? O_o

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