Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spring Morning

Yayyyy! Spring came back! Well, technically it is still summer. But by this summer's trend today could possibly be declared a Spring day. It is actually 20°C today. After almost 40°C weather just two days ago, this is a momentous occasion.

I think, by writing about writing soulfully yesterday, I somewhat sated that urge to dip into less buoyant realms. I am actually hyper this morning, which is a step away from my usual quiet and calm mornings basking in sunshine splendour. The sun is peeking out from behind clouds right this very second as I write this.

I'm munching on Cinnamon Toast Crunch also as I write this, and Layla will be glad to inform everyone that it's full of sugar and not healthy like her Fruit n Fibre cereal that she partakes of everyday, or like Nerdy's Special K. Whatever the case, I love CTC. I do have granola waiting below the CTC though.

I am not really sure why I am hyper this morning. You could attribute it to the sugar of course, but I digress. I was hyper before I started consuming my CTC. I did get a good night sleep, with the cool breeze of the night gusting through my room. I couldn't even manage to sleep on my ride to work. I normally do. But my mind was awake and alert.

All in all, I am refraining from over-analysing things, or thinking too much. I am on a vendetta to achieve constant contentment. It may more or less be a futile quest, but I think in trying, I am actually getting closer to the goal. So I will just let the happiness of the morning exist without asking why it does.

That is one of the problems with us, we always look for reasons, when the point is just to be.


  1. nice superreads ... can you send some spring weather here too its super humid :sad

    and yeah dont forget my cheerios (the non sweet kind *high fives laylaa* ) .... and my occasional granola bar:L

    1. Hehe :D Okay, one package of spring sent your way. I love Cheerios also, so that's fine. :) *high fives your face*

  2. <<< I've got to read those if they're suggested by YOU!

    And I love CTC too! But nowadays my dad only brings these extremely healthy cereals... :(

    1. Yes, these are books I've read :)
      And I am actually an aficionado about healthy food and non-sweet cereals, but CTC is one of those guilty pleasures :D