Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You For Me, and Me For You... So Happy Togetherr

Hello everyone!

This post is a little bit...spontaneous, for lack of a better word. It's not the right word, because pretty much all my posts are spontaneous. But let's just leave it at that for now.

Today, while travelling home, I was listening to music, and as usual, letting the music just sweep me away into my own world.

One song in particular made me smile. I can't explain what it is, there is something about the way it is sung, the music, the flow and ambiance created by the song. Ignoring the lyrics, it gave me a serene and thankful feeling. When you actually focus on the lyrics, the weird thing about it is that it's actually a sad song.

"Ho jalte hai chalte hai, sang sang mere,... khamoshi aahein andhere; dekh le jhaank le, in nazron mein...toote toote se hai, sapne tere."  (Silence,sighs and darkness, Burn and move with me; Look, peepIn my eyes are your broken dreams)

But, I felt so happy for that moment while listening to this song. In particular, I was thinking of the person who this song reminds me of (well,...duh). Then I was thinking about the other special people in my life who also contribute to my happiness. I was thinking, what songs would I dedicate to each...

So, here I am to dedicate songs to certain of you here.

Kiara, despite not ever "really" talking to you, we've managed to establish a bond that goes beyond words (ironic, considering we're crossing paths because of words). You remind me of myself very much, and I think we somehow share a frequency that allows us to relate to one another, from the heart. As such, when I got to thinking about what song would be apt enough for you, I was, at that moment, walking through a park, past the swings and trees and grass, enjoying the evening warmth and the kids running through the park's sprinklers. I think this is a good enough atmosphere to rightly dedicate this song to you: Aaj Main Boond Hoon - De Taali.  This is one of those songs that I love, for the innocence and freshness and jubilance it brings to mind. Rainbows, sprinklers, friendship, summer, and laughter.

Ajay - I know you've got your own range of favourite music. But, I'm still going to dedicate this song to you. Considering your "stories" about work, and the people you have to deal with, the experiences you'd rather wish you didn't have to live through, the confidence and lack of, and your reservedness contributing to it - I really think you've got the spark to really light it up if only you believed in yourself first. Yeah, I'm talking about your self-deprecating remarks, those "disclaimers" of yours, and that shell you like to pull yourself into :), so yeah this one is for you, buddy. Aashayein - Iqbal.

Jiyaa - Yes, you Boondi! This one was a stumper for a bit. It still is, but let me try to explain how I got to this song. Thinking about which songs to dedicate to each person was more of thinking about what I share about this person in particular, what it is that I share with them, and why they are special to me, what it is that we relate to and what binds us together. In thinking of what song to dedicate to you, I was like umm hmmm, Jiya, Jiya...hmmm. Then it just popped out at me, just like that. I was like, "Huh? Now why is this song perfect for Jiya?" Well, for starters, what I think binds us is that basic innate goodness in both of us. We're also sensitive, very thoughtful people. I'm a bit more crazy, of course. But you also have your giggly and bubbly side too. You also think a lot, and let your mind wander and get lost and, it just flies on its own wandering wondering way. So yeah, that's why Masakali - Delhi 6, is for you.

Nerdyy, stop wiggling impatiently. You know your turn is coming, patience bacha. "Well, excuse me," says Nerdyy haughtily, "I'm a fully grown man." Yeah you are, you're wonderful with your patience and maturity. You're a sturdy fountain of friendship and understanding yet, you're so amazingly goofy that one can't say you're anything but a kid at heart also. I am not going to give you an oldie though, dudes. Deal with it. 'Darr lagta hai ishq karne mein ji...Dil to bachcha hai ji…Dil toh baccha hai ji' - Ishqiya. 

LAYLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, yes I didn't forget you, so I'm not gay. I am sooo sure this is a song you will never have heard in your life. But you're going to hear it now because if you don't you can "talk to ma handdd". This is a song for you from me, because two sisters are singing it. They keep singing "bhaiya" in the chorus (like you and your raakhi gifting) and the lyrics are funny when they're taking you in consideration: Didi agar tujhko hoti jo moonchh mein tujhko bhaiya bulati tu soch ...Are chutki agar tujhko hoti ho poonchh to main tujhko gaiya bulati tu soch (Didi, if you had a mustache I would have called you brother. Little sister, if you had a tail I would have called you a cow... LOL, ring a bell?). Yeah, open up your youtube, this is the song sis: Hum Toh Aise Hai Bhaiya - Laaga Chunari Mein Daag.

Phatso, oops I mean Phantom. I know, you were hoping I forgot about you. Tough luck. But I'm going to spare you the pains and aches of being dragged into this. You already know which song is the song. Okay good boy, go back to your tennis or movie now. Dheemi dheemi roshni si beh rahi hai inn hawaon mein yahaan....

Faith di, if and when you ever get here in your slow laziness motion, you also know that there are 203984023498324029423 songs that I could put out here. I'm not going to go into all of that and all of what we share. Lyrics kaafi hai, "mere haath mein hi tera haath hai... mere paas hai tu mere paas hai... mere saath hai...mere paas hai... " Nahin Samne Tu- Taal. 

Oh yes, last but not least. (Trust me on this, it started as "first and foremost" for you, but then I decided to postpone it...) Dhuan. Do I have a song for you *looks here and there*, I have too many, that's the problem.  As you know already (stop gloating) Jalte Hai, the song that got me thinking all of this, was the song you gave me to listen to way back in the day. Accordingly, I am not going to take too much time in pounding my head in thinking which song I should dedicate to you. It's easy: Pappu Can't Dance. LOL okay I'mma jokinggggggggg. I was thinking Kabhi Kabhi Aditi.. and then thought, acha okay, let's toast our fighting: tu bole.. glass adha glass khali, mai bolu adha bhara,... mai bolu kitna sara, tu bole kitana zara zara. Yes, Tu Bole Main Boloon - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Okay now I'm tired. Peace out my lovelies. *crashes*


  1. Dil to bachcha hai ji ... how true :L

    well heres a song to you mah friend .... i first heard it or at least heard it and noticed it when i was in india in dec

    dil mein jaagi dharkan aise pehla pehla paani jaise ....

    i think everytime i hear the song i seem to picturise you being goofy :L

    and dont go sunidhi :wub LOLLLLL

    1. :D HAYEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE LOVE THAT SONG. Haha I think it was one of the first songs I heard you singing, and I wubbed at :D. It was one of the first Sunidhi songs that REALLY made me go WOW SUNIDHI WUB. hehehe :D ha ha he he hey hey ho ho :D

  2. Awwww yayy ☺ Despite us never meeting, means a lot, that you've decided to dedicate a song for me! You know I've tried many, many times to hunt you down on the chat site, I bumped into Jiyaa a bunch of times, but unfortunately I'm about an hour or two too late to see you :(

    Oh well, eventually we'll meet! ☺ ☺ ☺

    And I love this song, it has this elating effect! Makes me want to run through flower fields and dance(hope that didn't sound odd)... I'm glad you dedicated this song to me, makes me feel like a happier person than I already am!

    Now I'm wondering if I had to dedicate a song to you, what would it be :O

    1. :O You have?! (re: hunting) Wow :O I'm touched/stunned. :O :O I guess our time differences sort of make it difficult, as well as a bunch of other factors.. but yes we definitely will :P

      And no, that urge does NOT sound odd at all, that's exactly what that song makes me feel like, running through fields, jumping through sprinklers, running/dancing through rain, jumping up and touching the skies :D

      Yes, think think :P I want to know also hehehe

  3. "Didi agar tujhko hoti jo moonchh mein tujhko bhaiya bulati tu soch ...Are chutki agar tujhko hoti ho poonchh to main tujhko gaiya bulati tu soch (Didi, if you had a mustache I would have called you brother. Little sister, if you had a tail I would have called you a cow... LOL, ring a bell?). Yeah, open up your youtube, this is the song sis: Hum Toh Aise Hai Bhaiya - Laaga Chunari Mein Daag." YES YES I CHECKED ON YOUTUBE!! OH MY GOD I HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE!!! POOR RANI :(:( OH BY DA WAY I LIKE ANOTHER SONG OF DAT MOVIE....EK TEEKHA TEEKHA SA LADKHAADATA LADKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p:p:p XOXOX

    1. Yup, poor Rani :) But, I loved the bond between the sisters :P and the fact Rani the big sister would sacrifice everything for her family, and sister's happiness :P *ahem ahem*

      Oh, and I like uhm...the title song (I used to relate/repeat it when I was in my low moods :P) and, oh damn, I forgot what other songs LOL

  4. Sannn sana na sann ja ja ri ja ri ja ri ja ri pawan.......... mere jaisa dhoond ke la mera sajan ^^ Thats for you :D
    and tu bole.. glass adha glass khali, mai bolu adha bhara,... mai bolu kitna sara, tu bole kitana zara zara. So US :D

    thank you pls =]

    1. :D That song is sooooooooooooooooo me, and of course you know that, hahahaha. Thank youuu :D

    2. Chalka chalka re kalsi ( I hope it the right word ) ka paani ;);) Lol

  5. :O Did I tell you about this song *blinks* I know I've told you about 2348972304238409 songs but you always just blink and get lost lol... :hmm

    Ok considering you're winking, and it's making me suspicious maybe you're just singing it for the song itself LOL


  6. This song used to be stuck in my head for many days. I think this is the perfect dedication for u. Tu Hi Toh Meri Dost Hai - Yuvraaj
    But dont look at the video.. it has Salmaan ewwww

    1. :D I love this song, hehe thank you!

      Btw, I do like the video, even though Sallu still manages to look like a joker. But, in this vid I sort of like that jokerness. Or it might just be because of the song. Ok Ok I'll shut up before I make you regret dedicating that song to me hahaha :D