Monday, January 21, 2013

A la Barfi

I realize that I am writing after a long hiatus, and I really cannot account for the time gone except to say that I've been busy with other things and the mind was simply not really in a mood to put words to paper, or even when I felt so inclined, I hadn't the time. In any case, I have returned.

So, after watching the latest Bollywood awards, I was all infused again with the Barfi fever, and so decided, while I was on a roll, to watch the Making of Barfi. Aside from the hilarious affectations of the adorable Ranbir, there were a few lines which caused my mental writing head to raise a few times. One in particular is why I'm writing right now, although, as always when I write without fully thinking through the thought, I don't know where this insight is going to lead.

Priyanka Chopra, aka Jhilmil, says during the Making of Barfi, that the movie is about two people who have nothing in life, and that's how it... blah blah (I forgot the words verbatim here that came before what I do remember) blah comes down to...

"To be happy in life, you don't need anything...just a good heart and a sense of humour."

 Now, you can tell right there why and how this totally appealed to me. Those two things are like my own personal foundation to everything I believe in.

itti si hansi..itti si khushi..itta sa tukda chand ka..khwab ke tinkon se..chal banayen aashiyaan..


  1. I loved this movie, RANBIR KAPOOR <3

    Andddd I also love the songs Ala Barfi and Aashayein, both of them are just so upbeat and airyyy. Gives you the aaa wooohoo feeeling

    1. :D Yes! (Good morninggggggg)

      Also, Ranbir singing in Fatafati :P

  2. Aww... those are beautiful words :) And yes, really, a good heart and a sense of humour is the way to happiness:)

    I didn't get a chance to watch Barfi! but I definitely plan to!! But the song is really cute ♥♥♥

  3. err ...wb to superblog Miss HMK :D

    mainnnnnnnnn pareshaannnnnnnn won best female playback :O

    n vidya balan ...what can i say :P

    1. :D yes hehehehehe thats what one of the things I was most happy about :P ..Pareshaan, not Vidu, although that's not that far either hehe what can I say