Monday, January 07, 2013


Phew. It's not really cold out there, but phew. I've got a headache. It's really throbbing and making me feel light-headed. I haven't had a headache like this in a long while. Or rather, I can't remember having a headache in as many days either. Nevertheless, it's there.

I eyed the half chocolate left on my desk suspiciously. Perhaps it's laced with something. I was forced to take three chocolates, from the just-returned-from-Fiji-and-Australia  big boss. I broached the possibility with a few co-workers, only to their amusement. They think I is funny. Psh, headaches are not funny.

So I went to get coffee. Returned, and now wishing, longing, desiring, craving ice cold Coca-cola. Ah. Oh well, hopefully this caffeine does the job. Or else the gun shall.

Oh yes, happy Monday!


  1. Gun, huh? Headache is that terrible ?
    And Coke reduces headache? #Curious
    Well, thats a lot of questions for today. :D

    Oh Yeah! Happy Monday! :)

    1. Ha, the headache wasn't actually thaaat bad. And no the coke craving was separate, after having walked outside for a good bit to get that coffee, and coming back in - the temperature difference somehow made me feel more dehydrated hence the cold coke craving. :D 2 questions is a lot? :P

    2. It isn't?
      Well, then next time - more questions. :P

      Now, I feel like having a coke. :[
      #NewContagiousThing :P

  2. I feeel like coke now :) I can taste it in my mouth!