Saturday, February 09, 2013


Well, it's in. The "worst" (best according to moi) snowstorm we've had in 5 years. I do not know what people have been making a big melodrama about - this was normal until global warming made everyone forget and they started taking the global warming bit for granted.

No sirree, not me. Just two days ago, I was standing on the dry pavement at the bus stop thinking how I recalled days where winter was numbing bitter cold. When I'd be stomping and pacing to and fro just to keep some semblance of feeling in my limbs. I was thinking to myself, where have those good old snow-upto-my-knees winters gone?

And what do you know - a few days later, the skies decide to shower me with a dream come true. Yesterday my coworker asked me if I was coming in tomorrow. I was taken aback. 'Uh. Yeaaaaaaaaaah?' Was there some holiday I didn't know about? But no, he told me, there's a big storm coming our way and was suddenly forecasted. Oh.


Anyways, today's storm was amazing and magnificent. Upended bucketfuls of snow that went on forever. I went out in the quiet world and the snow was up to my knees. Oh my God. And no snow plows were even to be seen (on that note, throughout the day I hadn't seen one. More on this later.) and the snow was virgin. Untouched. Until me in my boots came trudging through. Overall, the morning was beautiful. I felt so amazingly happy and excited and exuberant and gleeful.

Then, well let's just say the balloon sort of popped. But it was bound to with how afill with glee I was. Anyways, then the reverse. Coming back home from work. Not so good.

It's like the world finally woke up and then they all decided to make things complicated, to make everything slower, and to inject a stream of negativity by constantly thinking of all the bad things that this 'storm' was supposed to bring on. Humans, pah!

So, the trains didn't work. The light-rail transit didn't work, mobs were wreaking havoc at the train stations, police enforcement yelling this way and that, crowds of people shoving at each other without care regardless of the old and feeble people who were shoved down into the snow.

I can say that I'm glad this storm happened. It somehow restored a sense of calm to me. That familiar sense of just accepting whatever because no matter how much you complain, fuss, grumble, or decide to hate what you are going through, first, it could always be worse, and second, you cannot do anything else regardless- but to accept it and go forward.


  1. ::ninja ^^

    I can totally understand how excited and happy u felt with the snow n all..I used to feel the same as a kid, waking up to white sheets all over..... ahh =]

    1. Lol understand :P. You saw me being all excited/happy for a bit hmph. And yes=] I LOVEEEEE that feeling :D Same with waking up to brightttttttttt warm sunshine haye (ek din).