Wednesday, February 27, 2013


After yesterday's calm and mild weather, it stormed. Piles of snow, yet again. I'm not complaining, mind you.  I'm all for piles of snow. It's just the aftermath that's the problem. Apparently this snow is already melting (I got a wet foot after trying to jump over a mini-pond of water at a curb), and a lot of people are walking around as the snow is falling with umbrellas. But then tomorrow is apparently supposed to be colder, so what does that mean? Ice.

I'm all for snow, slush and ice, well, I broke my arm slipping on ice once upon a time. So, no good memories there. I did, however, have a good workout in the morning, trying to walk to the bus stop in knee-high snow.   That I don't mind, in fact I was loving it for... half the way, until I realized this was eating up my morning - as I most likely looked like an astronaut trying to walk on the Moon. If I was going to get to work on time, then I would have to make haste. So I made it, and that involved jumping down to the slushy street and tramping my way to the bus stop.