Friday, February 01, 2013


This morning was one of those beautiful mornings that make you think about the weather. I love the weather, and it's one of those things I can talk about again and again. I know it's that typical topic that people say is your excuse to make conversation when there is nothing else to say, but weather is just so afill with the wonders of nature. I can think about it all the time, and write about it all the time. Talking, well maybe not so much, though it's still as good as a topic in my opinion. But talking is a two-way thing, and writing, well, it's much more of a monologue; a personal rendition of my own thoughts wherein I can wax and wane eloquent.

I don't know how much of what I write can be translated into the readers own capacity to experience what I experience. I was thinking this last night, as I was trudging through inches of freshly fallen snow, that this is a place and climate which has undergone such a crazy series of weather that I don't know how anyone else could appreciate how drastic the changes have been. We've gone through - in a week, mind you - bitter dry biting cold, freezing rain, snow followed by rain, slush, a day of warm summer weather wherein people are walking around in just tshirts, and then another drop and a feirce wind that screams through the streets and almost lifts you off your feet, then a sudden blanket of snow that falls unabatedly to cover the world again afresh. Today now, it's bright sunshine - and the sky is acting all innocent-like, as if it just didn't have a total tantrum fit of mood swings throughout the week.

I like variability. I actually like changes, well,  in this way at least. But those little moments when I'm fighting against the wind and trying to move forward, I admit I chant to myself "soon Spring will come, soon Spring will come, soon Spring will come.."


  1. meteorological spring (march 1st) is less than 28 days away :D

  2. I thought I commented BUT then i remembered that i had didn't..

    Anyhow,, those are DRASTIC changes in weather...

    and i'm so excited for spring... everything is going to grow. FLOWERS, TREES, GRASS, WARMTH, HAPPINESS, FRIENDSHIP, LOVE..

    OK I'M DONE :P

    1. Yes I am aware that the first sentence made no sense at all.

  3. UMMMM.. DO you intentionally have two Stars! pages? I am so confused

  4. I would have opened one of my tiktik pens in that case!

  5. I don't like changes.....well weather changes I do :D