Monday, October 01, 2012

Back to School 19

‘Layla,’ Nerdyy crouched down and put his hand on her shoulder. ‘Don’t cry, please.’

Layla’s head shot up. She glared at Nerdy. “I’m not crying! What do you think I am man?’

Nerdyy blinked. ‘Err, I think you’re a wonderful, sweet, triple chocolate raspberry scone with a heart of gold.’

Layla stared at him suspiciously then finally ceded. ‘Yes, I know. I’m 100% sweet.’

‘Everyone knows it. You’re too sweet to die, Lulu.’

‘What do you mean? That man poisoned us! You heard him! He is an ass…assa…assassin. I should have known it the first time I saw him, I had a feeling when I saw him outside that door!’

‘Yes, but the…Wait. What do you mean, saw him outside the door? There’s no way you could have seen him Diyah. We didn’t even know there was a door. Remember, you were even on the phone describing this place as...’ He didn’t finish his sentence as she suddenly lashed out at him and he lost his balance, falling back on the sand.

‘Er, ow? What was that for now?’ He rubbed his arm where she had punched him.

‘You’re not listening to meh! I meant that door at school!  Remember? We were trying to escape and that man was standing outside the door?’

Nerdyy racked his brain. ‘Ye…s. I think I remember. You will have to forgive me though, I wasn’t really paying attention, after, ahem, being shot at.’

‘Stop bringing that up, making me feel bad. If you say it one more time, I’ll...ahm…I’ll…shoot you.’

Nerdyy burst out laughing.

‘What’s so funny now?’ Layla started giggling also.

‘Oh, Diyah.’  He calmed himself. ‘So you saw this man at the campus.’ He scratched the back of his head thoughtfully.

‘Yup. And that’s why I should have known it was him the next time I saw him! I’m so daft. I knew I saw him somewhere before and I couldn’t figure it out.’

‘You’re losing me now. What, when?’

‘Oh. You fell of the table. The DJ! In the club. This man has been following us, am 100% sure!’

‘Hmm.’ Nerdyy was a bit bewildered. ‘But why?’

‘Oh come on. He must be after my Beedi company! It’s so obvious!’

Nerdyy stared at Layla to see if she was serious. She stared back resolutely. She was serious.

‘Then why is he asking about IQ?’ Nerdyy asked.

‘He must be after her too! He’s going to kidnap all of us and hold us for ransom!’

‘But Diyah. Ransom for what? Ransom from who? Noone is going to pay money to free all of us..’  Nerdy stopped as Layla shook her head.

‘My bro will.’

‘Your brother?’ Nerdy blinked again. ‘Sure, I can understand why he’d want to get you out. But why on earth would your brother care about me or IQ?’

‘My bro!’

‘Your bro…’



  1. did i or did i not tell you the dj was dhuan ? *scratches head* .. i know i thot it :O

    1. No. You didn't voice your thoughts :P I knew you thought it though, you did ask a few times 'who is the DJ' in that suspicious way

  2. That DJ bit was so insignificant, I almost forgot about the dude :P

    Beedu, Lol I'd kidnap you all, feed you till you're all round and fat and then let you'll go :D