Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Back to School 20

The noise in the club was deafening. The front doors burst open and Bulb stood gazing at the crowds, as the haze cleared. There was just a faint murmur of complaint from a couple who were lost in each other's arms, but otherwise the crowd went on as normal. Bulb stepped inside the club and twirled his moustache.. The couple disengaged and glared at him. Bulb stared at them coolly through his sunglasses. They moved away in a huff, muttering comments about Rajnikanth wannabes. Bulb sauntered through the crowds,  manoeuvring smoothly past dancing couples and groups, right through the crowd which somehow parted ways as if it were the Red Sea. He sat at the bar. Unfazed, DM poured him a drink.

An hour later, DM poured another drink and slid it across the bar.

'Mate, you OK?' DM gathered up the empty glasses.

'I'm okay. I just need to find my damn sister in this place.' Bulb looked around warily at the crowds.

'Hmm. What's she look like then?' DM wasn't too sure why he was making small talk with this guy, except that he was still buying. DM liked paying customers.

'She looks like...' Bulb burped. 'She looks like a girl.'

'Uh....' DM rolled his eyes. 'Aight. Fair enough. You sure she's here then, yeah?'

'She's here. I traced the signal from her mobile. It's here.' He shook his head sadly at the bottom of his glass. 'It's a sad day when your little sister goes clubbing when she has exams to study for.'

'Mate, that's normal.'

'It's normal? Define normal.' Bulb pulled out a cigarette.

'Uh. Normal is smoking outside where it's legal mate.' DM nodded toward the open patio to the side.

Bulb lit up his cigarette, not moving. 'I'm God. I don't do normal.'


'These are all paintings,' Nerdyy mused, walking along the walls, tracing the patterns with his fingers.

'Paintings? Like, can I sell them for money?' Layla came up close to a wall and stared at the painted walls.

'Err, a bit hard to sell walls, Diyah. I guess this must be some warehouse or something.' Nerdyy looked up at the ceiling. 'That's all painted too. Pretty neat.'

There was a buzzing sound and Layla pulled out her phone and looked at the screen.

 'Oh, God! It's him!'

'Yes, it's me, God.' Bulb's voice sounded from the phone.

Layla gawked at the phone. 'Hey, how did he do that? I didn't press anything.'

'I'm God. I can do anything.'

'Oi, shushhhh Rinka! I pressed speaker by accident!'

'Ok, ok. Come out now.'

'Come out where? I can't get out!'

'I'm here. Don't try to lie to me.'

Layla peered around the big sandy room.

'Listen bro. You ain't here. You're lying to me!'

'I'm going to count to 5. You come out from those crowds and leave your silly friends. I'm at the bar.'

'Bar? What the beep you think this is? There is no beeping bar here, bro. Am telling you, if you're at a bar, you had way too many drinks. Time to head home brother dear. Chop chop.'

'I'll chop your long ponytail off if you don't come out.'

'I'm telling you! I can't get out!'

'What the hell did you do now? Locked yourself in the washrooms?' Bulb heaved a sigh. 'Ok, hold on.'

The call disconnected. Nerdy looked at Layla, who was blinking in confusion.

'Err, Lulu? Was that who I think it was?'

'Ye, that was Rinka. Ummmmmm. Dunno what he been smoking.'


'Marlboro.' Rinka lit up another one.

DM shook his head. 'Mate, whatever the brand. I'm sure they're all bad for you.'


  1. LOLL .. time to head home ..chop chop :P ..... n listen to bhajans :D

    hmm who is that couple lost in each other ..... did Miss IQ, after escaping from da trunk of da car, find her way back to da club, and randomly say "ajja" .. n someone responded "ajja ajja ajja ", n a new story maybe was born :O

    1. oops my mistake it was miss IQ n mr shiru of deep voice fame :P

    2. LOL dhuan bhaiyya ... shiru is a hot new date for Miss HC ... err phone date :P

      FYI she has also invited him over for dinner (and asked him to come in spandex shorts :P)

      LOLLLL :D

    3. Why spandex shorts? :O and yeah I heard about this Shiru person too ^^ Seems like Miss.IQ blushes( looks troubled ) each time she remembers his voice ;)

  2. LOL nerds, u got talents too. Maybe we should think about a prequel to the sequel of this, which focuses only on IQ

    And I too wanna know who that couple was.. hmmm "wannabe" ::smoke

    (And to the author, please dont use 'Bulb'. sounds stupid ... its cramping my style, u know )
    Rinka is much better ::smoke

    1. I used Bulb because that's what shows when you comment so people would know who I refer to. So I'll change it when you change yours ;)

      The Missing IQ is the element of mystery duhhhhhhhhh. And how come noone is asking where Ether and Jiya disappeared to?

      And both of you bullies NO ajja ajja *shudders*

  3. I like the way u incorporate ids in it, implying a style to cherish their character :)

    1. Thank you Blew, I love your comments. And yes, not just the ids but I write about the people I know best and so try to show their unique character ;) :D

  4. ........... and the plot thickens ::ninja

    I didn't pay much heed to the couple making out but since everyone asked...Who are they? Lol

    :O Hope to God it isn't AD LOL

    1. AD is a hot gal that the DJ has had his eyes on for a while :P

    2. LOL I seeeee

      hahahaha nerdyy you're such an informer

    3. i have all da news on mah fingertips :smoke

      btw im getting a strong feeling that da couple is anuj n naina :P

      hayeeeeeee :D


    4. If you're smart enough you'd know who A & D are Gurji ji lol... and nooo what hot gal? LOL

      your source is giving you all the wrong news :P

      Who the heck is Anuj and Naina now O_O

    5. hmm .... looks at files again .. oops confusion A n D versus AD (who is actually pink fonted and hence according to masala code hot :P)

      anuj n naina ... new hot couple of masala ..... and the spandex shorts are really a joke on my other best frnd and by association me LOL :P

  5. moustache and rinka :O really? .. brother u look better without moustache please ::unsure

    time 2 head home rinka ::smoke chop chop n listen 2 bhajans :P

    1. oh and pony tail :O am not a kiddy..eww ::sleep ... change it 2 nice sliky str8 hair ::smoke

    2. Oye your big brother is saying that, he's still going to think of you like a kid. Btw it's not pigtails, its ponytail, google kar :P

    3. whacks lulu ... give me some chicken :scowl

      :rose :coffee