Friday, November 02, 2012

Out, Out, Brief Candle


It's Friday. It almost seems as if the entire week was one breathe all held back...until now. Now I can breathe.

I'm not sure if it's just been the past week, or the past month, now all the days seem to have blurred together and was a chaotic mix of emotions, weather, illness, and stress.  In the back of my mind these days, when I step out and the wind blasts frigidly against my face, I damn the spectre of Winter and long to Summer how I miss her.

Well, it actually hasn't been that bad, I actually love stepping out in the mornings, at least while the sun is somewhat there. What I really dread is waking up in the dark, cold mornings without a hint of hope that life exists out there in the world. When coldness seeps through the outer boundaries of the bed and sneaks slyly under the blankets. When it curls its fingers around the windowsill and fits in between the panes of glass.

I'm a weakling when it comes to cold. Sometimes I have face the option of becoming absolutely delusional in order to cope and survive with the cold. I used to boast to my friends that I'm not cold, all I have to do is imagine a hot tropical breeze and that's it - I'm not cold.

And now I'm here with mixed blessings. It's the end of the work-week, and yet Sunday is daylight's saving. To be catapulted into the darkness of winter. Oh, woe, is me!


  1. Daylight savings :O it's already so dark :/

    But I look forward to snowwwww :D I hope it snowssssss

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    1. Nerdyy nerdyy nerdyy nerdyy nerdyy :)